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Needle in the Haystack

Posted on 06 Feb 2021 @ 2:31pm by Captain Martin Collins & Commander Roscoe Mayhew & Lieutenant Harlow Harcrow & Chief Petty Officer Christopher Cooper & Kibyr

Mission: Waving The Flag
Location: Lexington Bridge
Timeline: July 20, 2280 || 1100 hours

"Transporter Room to Bridge," came a voice over the intercom. "Transport complete."

"Excellent," Marty replied, getting up from his chair. "Maintain transporter lock, and prepare to transport survivors, or even the whole team if we run into problems. Bridge out."

The Captain stood for a few minutes, looking at both of the damaged Andorian vessels. Of the survivors, the Andorian freighter seemed to be in still operable condition, ordered to remain steady until the sole remaining escort was stabilized. Floating around both ships were debris and portions of corpses from destroyed Klingon and Andorian ships. In another time, this morbid sight would be respected and left alone to allow for the involved cultures to collect their dead.

In today's universe, however, a scene like this was a salvage dream. For Marty, this was still part of a larger war. It had been a while since he had seen a Klingon vessel. Starfleet Intelligence, Ombretta had told him many times, had only been able to collect information about the Klingons through second- and third-hand means for the last couple of years. Such knowledge rendered this battleground a gold mine.

"Mister Kibyr," Marty ordered, "Scan the wreckage of the Klingon ships. Look for computer cores, data tapes, workable parts. Anything that might be worth additional study. Helm, keep us close to the escort, but take us to wherever Kibyr needs to take a look."

"Perimeter is clear of Klingon reinforcements," Mayhew offered without being asked. He would maintain his vigil. For all their bandying about honor, Klingons were not above cowardly sneak attacks.

"Starting scan," Kibyr stated.

Marty felt slightly awkward now. He didn't know what he expected, but it seemed some part of him was hoping for a quicker response. Marty doubted that Kibyr was collating and screening the scan results, but then again, what was there to screen for. "Go ahead and keep all of the weapons on standby," he confirmed to Mayhew. "I don't want any surprises today."

"You got it, Captain." Phasers went to full charge. Mayhew kept his hand hovering over the target locater.

Kibyr looked up to the Captain, "I have found something. Looks like there are two large connected devices, they appear to be a dual-core computer system. Very similar to the old Nausican design from a decade ago."

"Klingons do like to repurpose things that they find," Marty remarked. The spoils of war... "Are we able to tractor it aboard for a closer look?"

“Sadly no,” Kibyr said, shaking his head. “The cores are connected to their casing via the data banks with special clamps. We’ll need a team to go down and release those clamps before we can pull the core free of the casing and bring it aboard.”

Harlow watched the conversation from his position on the bridge. There was something in this that said they were in for a quick escape if anything kicked off and he knew he needed to be on point. Most of the ship seemed to be alright from the engagement that they had, at least functioning and he had managed to avoid any catastrophic damage to the Lexington. "Cap, you need me to help out in any way?"

"I don't exactly have a lot of people to spare at the moment," Marty admitted. That statement was rightfully true. The Lexington's crew compliment was far from its maximum, and any personnel they could spare was already aboard the Andorian escort vessel. "Kibyr, if you took Harcrow with you, could you get those clamps released so we can bring that core aboard?"

"Tayler would be a better option," Kibyr said as he stood from his station. "I'm not exactly that good with mechanical systems. But Harcrow will do fine."

"If I could spare Tayler, I would." The Captain glanced at the still-burning Andorian vessel on the viewscreen. "But for now, we've got to make do."

Kibyr shrugged as he walked towards the turbolift. "Then we better get a move on," he said towards Harcrow.

"Need some backup?" Mayhew asked while he maintained vigil at Tactical. "I can get an Aerospace Rescue Specialist on point in under 10 minutes."

"We're fine," Kibyr said as he passed Mayhew's console, not looking at the man. "Last thing we need is more friendly fire."

Harlow went to stand, closing the distance between him and Kibyr. He was eager to learn something new and certainly would try his best. "Alright, any kit we need specifically?"

"You might also grab our Assistant Chief Engineer," Marty called to Kibyr as the Orion crossed the bridge. "More hands could help that process along."

Kibyr nodded as he stepped into the turbolift, "I'll have them meet us at the transporter room," he said as the doors closed.

Harlow breathed a sigh of relief at the mention that they were sparing their assistant chief engie, nodding as he turned to follow Kibyr to the turbolift.

As soon as the team left, Marty returned his attention to the viewscreen. In all of the commotion, he was surprised that he hadn;t been contacted by the Admiral. Part of him wondered if he should go below decks and give her an update. The rest of him thought it was best just to stay put, at least until his senior officers were back aboard.

And, he hoped that there would be no further incidents.


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