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Klingons. Orions. Nausicaans. Rigelians. Each of these species is dangerous in their own rights, but each have one aspect in common: “Don’t cross them.” The USS Callisto, the last remaining intelligence asset, has just run out of luck. The ship has been captured, and much of the crew killed. Those left alive are being tortured for information.

The Lexington is ordered to extract the crew and the Callisto, or destroy them if necessary. When the team arrives, however, it seems that the facility holds dozens of high-profile targets from former Federation worlds. Will the crew of the Lexington focus on their own, or will they take a chance on the future of the quadrant itself?

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These are the stories of our crew as individuals prior to 2280 and the discovery of the USS Lexington.

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Fool's Errand

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Starfleet, operating in the M-11 system, is falling apart. Rank no longer holds the organization together as the old guard finds itself threatened by a new generation. New recruits are either bred for war, or come out of the slums looking for a better life, to die for a cause rather than in the arms of starvation.

A rumor surfaces. A system never touched by the Klingons harbors a Constitution class starship. This rumor is not believed by many, after all, all Constitutions were destroyed at Earth. A veteran Captain with nothing to lose assembles a team of his own to see if the rumor is true.

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Waving The Flag

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Repaired, refitted, and restaffed, the USS Lexington is dispatched not to the border, but to former Federation worlds hoping to rekindle the fire. Some are enthusiastic, while others, want nothing to do with humanity. Can the crew of the Lexington overcome these odds to drum up enough support to mount a new offensive in the Beta Quadrant?

Part of Season 1