Captain Martin Collins

Name Martin Collins

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


  • 47 Mission Posts
  • 12 News Items

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07 Aug 2021 @ 5:29pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Black and Gray
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Like most Starfleet officers, Marty is well-built aside from his lack of proper nutrition. Poor medicine and care have caused an early onset of arthritis, as well as slower metabolism and motor skills. Despite this, Marty does his best to keep his mind and other faculties engaged and sharp.


Father Leonard Collins
Mother Marissa Collins
Sister(s) Angel Collins (44)
Rebecca Collins (40)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Sharp mind
+ Tactical planning
+ Experienced

- Slower motor skills
- Shaky hands
- Isolationist
Ambitions To discover his family's whereabouts

Personal History Barely seventy years after the founding of the United Federation of Planets, Martin Collins took his first breath on Starbase Five. His father was a Science Officer assigned to the USS Gagarin based in the sector while his mother tended bar at the local watering hole. Martin, or Little Marty as the frequent customers had come to call him, grew up around all manner of officer, enlisted, human and alien. He was fascinated by it all, and naturally experienced his first disappointment when his father was reassigned to a research facility on Earth.

At age seven, Marty first laid eyes on the most beautiful planet he’d ever seen. Starbase Five had been home, but Earth… Earth was something else entirely. Sky, oceans, forests, deserts, rural, urban, ancient, modern… Marty could not believe that just one world could have so much rich history, heritage, and variety. While his father worked diligently at the research center, Marty and his mother explored the world. Their adventures did not slow down when his younger sisters were born, nor when their father transferred from Starfleet to civilian service.

Marty would have enjoyed exploring the homeworld of his species, and the capital of the mighty Federation had he not continued to look to the stars above. He could never stop thinking about Starbase Five and what was beyond it. If one world contained so many wonders, he thought, then an expotential amount had to be contained in the final frontier. He did not surprise his parents when he announced he was applying to Starfleet; in fact, they encouraged it. His father used his limited connections to find a sponsor for his son’s application, and Marty passed the entrance exam with flying colors on the first attempt.

The Academy was anything but easy for Marty. His mind was so focused on the stars that not only did his grades suffer for the first semester, but he had trouble picking out a major as well. He did not want to spend life in a science lab like his father, nor did he want to get stuck in an engine room. Near the end of his freshman year, during shuttle flight training, Marty finally found his groove. The helm of a starship put him in the best place to see the galaxy, or so he thought. Marty found his groove at last, vaulting from the bottom of the charts to in the top fifteen percent of his class.

Upon graduation, Marty’s first assignment was far from glamorous. The USS Ptolemy, namesake of its class, was relegated to milk runs between the core worlds, transporting valuable materials to the San Francisco and Utopia Planetia Shipyards. Even worse was that he was assigned in the Gamma Shift, forced to work in the dead of night. Marty took every side job that came his way, whether it was shuttle ferrying or even extra shifts just to keep things interesting and to make enough of an impression on his Starfleet record to make himself attractive for a better assignment.

His opportunity came a year later with the USS Shran, a fast-moving border cutter that patrolled the Klingon border, as well as continued with exploration initiatives at the south end of Federation space. Marty was finally able to see the galaxy, even as a beta shift pilot. He still would not pass up opportunities for growth or expansion, even being permitted to join landing parties and other missions that took him off the ship as a flight specialist. The ship’s primary helmsman had no intention of surrendering his seat to a successor. This ultimately led Marty to seek a new assignment.

Three days after Marty transferred to the Chabon, the USS Shran was lost at the Battle of the Binary Stars. Suddenly, the once-beautiful universe reared its ugly side to the ambitious officer. The Chabon was soon assigned to the front lines, continuing to defend Federation interests against Klingon incursions. Marty was forced to become creative with his flight skills, working in junction with the Captain and the ship’s tactical officer in order to keep the Cardenas-class starship one step ahead of the Klingons. Over the course of the year, the Chabon saw forty-three engagements with eleven different Klingon Houses. The Chabon narrowly survived fourteen of those encounters. War took its toll on Marty just as much as the rest of the crew, especially since every battle they won did not keep the Klingons at bay. Slowly, the Klingons inched towards Earth, and the Chabon was trapped on the north end of the Federation, preventing the Klingons from edging upward.

In 2257, the Chabon received firm orders from Starfleet Command, “Hold your position and your line.” Earth had fallen under attack. More than half the crew wanted to disobey that order and take the Chabon on a five-day journey to Earth, Marty included. Klingons were swarming everywhere, intensifying their attacks while seeking revenge for the destruction of Qo’noS. Three days later, new orders came from Command, instructing the Chabon to flank and rout the Klingon wings that were being redirected from the North to Earth. Captain Bachlet mustered a task group of five ships and spent two weeks doing its best to prevent enemy reinforcements from heading for Earth. The Chabon suffered heavy damage and losses, and soon the task group was down to just the Chabon and the USS th’Zanle. They’d run out of Klingon wings to intercept, but it didn’t matter. A flash message arrived stating that Earth had fallen, and Remnant Protocol had been activated.

The Chabon was not the only vessel containing a broken crew when it arrived at Starbase 11 located in the M-11 system. Fifty starships had gathered from the surrounding sectors. The worst news didn’t come until a week later when a courier delivered the news of what had happened the last month at Earth. Marty, like many others, became quickly distraught. Earth saw over one trillion dead, a number not even a Vulcan could have estimated. Only thirty percent of Earth’s population was accounted for, and Marty’s family was nowhere among them. Marty wanted to take matters into his own hands and go on a rescue mission, as did thousands of others. The new Commander in Chief was forced to take drastic action, threatening those who attempted to leave for Earth with incarceration or even death. Marty concluded that the Federation hadn’t just lost its capital, humanity had lost its soul.

It took roughly a year for Starfleet to properly reorganize while the Federation disbanded. Several officers gave up their commissions and returned to their homewarlds. Others joined groups like the Orion Syndicate or other mercenary groups in hopes that they could slip back to Earth and find their family. Marty remained in Starfleet, barely cleaving to the notion that the bright corners of the galaxy were enough to balance out the dark. After all, it was the Remnant’s goal to restore the Federation and even free Earth from Klingon occupation. Marty continued on the Chabon as a full Lieutenant. At first, the Chabon was limited to patrol duty in the M-11 system, but was soon ferrying Ambassadors from world to world. Everything was secretive, and only Captain Bachlet knew the details.

In 2260, a new regime was unveiled. The Confederation of Worlds, featuring eleven former members of the Federation, was formed. The Starfleet Remnant would be its primary defender, while each world maintained their own private defense force, a lesson learned from the Klingon War. For the last three years, the Chabon had operated with only forty percent of its crew, and the formation of this new power brought with it an influx of new blood into Starfleet. Marty still remained at the Chabon’s helm, though he was starting to lose sight of his childhood passion for the stars. From 2260 to 2264, Marty flew the Chabon through a variety of missions, ranging from defensive postures to daring raids inside former Federation territory in hopes of regaining lost resources and assets from the Klingons. These missions were met with mixed success. Even their most successful missions were the most costly. The Chabon slowly was whittled down to sixty percent of its full crew capacity. In 2264, its first officer was killed in an ambush sprung by the Ferengi Alliance. As ranking officer, Marty was promoted to the position, all while filling double duty as the ship’s helmsman.

In 2269, a very jaded Marty inherited the center seat from the now-Admiral Bachlet who’d been promoted to Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet. Marty struggled in the center seat. Much of the Chabon’s crew by now were all children who lacked proper training and discipline. Starfleet could not do much about it as it had lost most of its credibility with the Confederation and the galaxy at large. The Chabon fell into disrepair between the different battles and age. The inability to produce new parts or system upgrades took a terrible toll on the vessel itself. Crew counts were kept low by necessity alone since even foodstuffs had grown scarce. Marty often considering leaving Starfleet itself in hopes of finding a new career and moving on with his life. Each time he pondered the notion, he continued to drift back to Earth and wondering if any of his family were still alive. Starfleet still had the best chance of finally making it there and reclaiming the planet, despite its nearly ruined reputation and ever-shrinking size.

Marty took missions as they came, and creating his own in between. He no longer did so to keep it interesting; but rather to conduct his own intelligence gathering and reconnaissance. Marty had to find a way to Earth if this terrible life were to have any meaning. Rumors were a dime a dozen, and most dozens were red herrings or false leads. Marty and his fellow ship captains had grown weary of them. Of the nineteen remaining Captains, however, only he was willing to risk his life to see if a latest rumor was true. If it were, then maybe, just maybe, Marty could finally grasp once more onto hope for making it back to Earth…
Service Record 2249-2253: Starfleet Academy
2253-2254: USS Ptolemy, Relief Helmsman
2255-2256: USS Shran, Beta Shift Helmsman
2256-2264: USS Chabon, Chief Helmsman
2264-2269: USS Chabon, Executive Officer & Helmsman
2269-2280: USS Chabon, Captain
2280: Special assignment