Chief Petty Officer Christopher Cooper

Name Christopher Alanso Cooper

Position Assistant Chief Engineer

Rank Chief Petty Officer


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21 Apr 2021 @ 12:50pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color black
Physical Description Light brown skin and of cuban descent, Chris is weary looking and always looks freyed. He can be found with a mug of coffee in hand and a list of things to do . His uniform is usually disheveled if he is even in one. usually coveralls covered in lubricant and as he puts it starship blood.

The noticable thing about him is an artifical leg he has. Its an older model and is clunky and impractical. It doesn't even match his skin tone. He lost his leg when he was asteroid mining while working for the TMC.


Spouse Rebecca Randolf (deceassed)
Children He had a six month old daughter named Rosa who perished.
Father Jose Cooper (alive working in a labor camp)
Mother Amanda Cooper (alive working in an internment camp)
Brother(s) Leon works for the Imperial Xeno Legion on Pluto as a janitor
Sister(s) None
Other Family His father in law a former Starfleet Officer who resides in an Internment Camp at an undisclosed location.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chris is overworked and constantly under great deals of stress to get things working. He has a team of two other repair techs that he trusts his life with. He can always be found pulling double shifts and sometimes tripple when his body allows for it. He is dependable to the point where he puts aside his personal life for work.

He lost his family to the klingons and it weighs heavily on his heart. Some nights he cries, some nights he drinks. Other nights he just works. He at his heart is a decent soul who believes in what Starfleet could have been. He -wants- to see that dream become a reality.
Strengths & Weaknesses Workaholic: Chris knows there is just not enough work to go around and he will fight like hell to make sure he gets things on time even if he is the only one working on a project.

Science Background: Before the collapse he was a geologist with the Tellarite Mining corporation and would mine asteroids for their mineral materials. He was usually precise. Save for one time the drill malfunctioned.

Missing a leg: Chris is missing his left leg. It was amputated at right above his knee. He has a very artifical almost robotic looking leg that he has strapped on. It was one of the first prosthetics ever made. It gives him no supernatural speed or agility, it hurts to stand at any great length of time. But its better then not having one.

Chris acts very laid back demeanor and is very approachable. He is talkative and friendly, He can almost be a borderline father figure to some of the staff even if they don't need one. He mostly does it in situations where he feels there is going to be needless hurt. He doesn't want anybody to end up like him.

He has quirks such as he loves reading, Cheesy Sci fi and horror. He smokes when he is able to. He talks to himself to calm down and he at heart is a pacifist. In another life he would just dig for ore and gas and be content with that.
Ambitions Chris lost everything when the collapse happened. His disapproving father in law, his family save his brother were all imprisoned. All he has seen is hardship and sadness. He wants to bring a little joy to his life.

He of course wants to see a free earth, He wants to one day get another leg. One that isn't quite so troublesome. He wants to see the galaxy but first there is a home to save, not jsut for him but for lots of other species out there.
Hobbies & Interests Coffee: He loves it, not just because it keeps him awake but because alcohol is so scarce and coffee there seems to be no shortage of at the moment.

Carousing: This isn't just skirt chasing, he likes to be social when he can get away from work. Dancing, playing cards.. even getting together and role playing with his squad mates.

Modelmaking & Imaging: Chris enjoys spatial logic problems and loves to demonstrate his problem solving skills. Some folks see it as upstaging but in reality he is trying to demonstrate the way he thinks so others can learn or improve on his train of thought.

Personal History Chris is your average person, he has a high school certificate, not a lot of formal education. But he has always been a hard worker. He says he isn't smart or overly brave but he comes at things with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Chris is a human of Cuban and Irish descent. He was a father, he was a husband and he was a miner on the world of Agros, a colony near the Zeta Reticuli system. He worked as crew for many years for the Tellarite Mining Company. He moved up through the ranks to a drill team leader, then a quality control supervisor. He was the second shift team. The Klingons attacked the backwater colony as a distraction. There was a partial cave in and the drill exploded taking part of Chris leg with it.

Chris found his way into the Starfleet when the attack on Agros occured. He had lost his leg and was taken to a hospital run by a Denublian Doctor by the name of Mellox. Mellox kept Chris hidden in a morgue freezer while the klingons searched for wounded. The Doctor bribed the guards with medicine that had recreational effects and they left.

Mellox explained to Chris that what the klingons did would not be unpunished but there was going to be a lot of work needed to fight them. So Chris was grateful and joined up with the Remenant of Starfleet.

Chris has a complicated relationship with the current military, he is what they conisder to be enlisted, but he is not a spit and polish kind of person. He is a very hard worker and ultra dedicated to what he does best, fix broken things. Particularly small craft, weapons and equipment. He can weld a deckplate, He can reseal a magnetic bottle but he knows nothing of how a warp engine works.
Service Record 2268 Graduated Trade School with Certification in Geology
2270 Hired on as a Miner for Deep Surface Drilling, Assigned to Drill Team 84
2274 Promoted to Drill Team Supervisor
2277 Promoted to Quality Control and Repair Supervisor
2278 Klingon Attack on Agros
2278-2280 member of Organized Remenant Fighting on Agros
Currently Assigned to USS Lexington, ACEO