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Damage Control

Posted on 31 Jan 2021 @ 2:15pm by Captain Martin Collins & Lieutenant Lynn Tayler & Senior Chief Petty Officer Alanna Morrison & Syrial J'naii

Mission: Waving The Flag
Location: Andorian Escort Shar
Timeline: July 20, 2280 || 1100 hours

Yellow columns of light materialized in the Andorian transporter room. Normally, the matter streams would simply be transmitted from pad to pad, capturing and converting the signals through each other's pattern buffers. The Andorian transporters, however, were offline. The transporter room showed many signs of damage, ranging from blown consoles and relays, to fallen girders and bulkheads. The transporter platform now served only as a destination, selected by the Lexington's transporter chief. A small fire even flickered off in the distance as the transporter beams faded away, leaving the medical and repair teams behind.

As the transporter beams vanished, Lynn looked at the mess before her. "Oh, this is going to take some work," she stated quietly. Looking over to her repair team, she nodded, each of them already knowing their jobs. "Get those fires out too if you can," she stated to them before they carefully headed off the transporter pad. She rubbed the back of her neck. "Guess I better just dig right in."

The door to the transporter room opened, permitting entrance to an armor-clad Andorian. "Why the hell did your ship drop you in here?" he barked. "Life support in this section is failing. We're falling back to a different deck. Let's go!" He started to wave them all out of the transporter room.

"Hell...alright, you heard him! Fall back and follow to another deck!" Lynn shook her head and followed along herself, adding life support to the running list in her head for repairs.

The armor clad Andorian waved the Starfleet team out of the transporter room and into the corridor that seemed just as damaged as the rest of the deck. Girders had fallen everywhere, and several dead bodies lied sprawled about. "The ladder at the end of the hall. Get going, pink skins!"

Grumbling a bit at being called pink skin, Lynn stayed at the back of the group, allowing all the others to head up the ladder first. "Move it!"

Pink skins? Syrial chuckled a bit at the term. This was the first time they'd heard it, but they couldn't say it was quite wrong. Both the humans and Syrial had pinkish skin... Flesh-colored? But then again, to the Andorians "flesh-colored" was probably blue. The J'naii's laughter might have seemed a touch out of place, but they obviously understood the urgency as they made their way to the ladder. To tell the truth, Syrial had mixed feelings about this. Being on a broken down ship... well, that didn't bother them. If they died, they died, and at least they wouldn't directly be hurting anyone. At least, that's what they told themselves. Their real worry was bad memories... they had lost a friend to failing life support like that.

The doctor paused for just a moment to glance at a body, wondering if they were really dead - how thoroughly had the Andorians checked? Should they just leave them there? Before deciding, quickly, that that wasn't their call. Besides, they likely had better people to use their medical skills on... people with a better chance.

A faint explosion could be heard at the far end of the corridor as the armor-clad Andorian scaled the ladder. Since he was the last one to do so, he closed the service hatch beneath their feet so that the damage could be contained. "I really don't know what all you Starfleet'ers can do," he confessed. "The Klingons did a number on us. Engines are out, entire decks are sealed off. Our command center is out, but I'll take you to our command post. Our Captain will have a better explanation."

"Lead the way," Tayler finally stated as the door was shut. This was going to be a task.

It did not take long to reach the command post, which was just a couple officers huddled around a master systems display. The Andorian who guided the Starfleet team approached the Captain, whispered a few things, and then disappeared off into the bowels of the ship.

The Andorian captain turned to the relief team. "It's worse than we thought," he told Lieutenant Tayler. "Our warp drive is unstable and leaking radiation in the lower decks. Shield generators are fused, and our weapon cannons are fried. Unless we can get engines and shields restored in the next hour, we may have to abandon ship."

Hearing everything that the Captain was telling her, Lynn started doing engineering math in her head. "Within an hour? Hell...can we even get to the locations that would allow us to get those systems even partially restored? I don't want to send you all limping back home with barely functioning engines and shields, let along the cannons."

The Andorian Commander scoffed. "No wonder you Starfleet types aren't respected. If you can't get anything done out here, then you definitely don't deserve your homeworld!"

Tayler wanted to roll her eyes, but knew better. "I'm not saying it is impossible. I'm saying that It'll be difficult. However, I do need to know if we can get to the systems or have to work our magic from here. I'm not 100% familiar with your ship layout."

"Let's worry about not having to abandon ship and stabilizing things before we worry about them limping away," Alanna said. "How possible is it to get to your sickbay from here?" she asked, the Andorian captain. "The doctor and I can start helping to treat your wounded but we need to set up a treatment location and start some triage."

"The medical bay is on this deck." The Andorian captain pointed down an adjacent corridor. "Only two of our medics survived the attack. Both trainees."

"Wonderful," Alanna said and waved for the CMO to follow her.

Turning his attention to the female lieutenant, the Captain instructed, "Shields are accessible on this deck, but at the far end. Engines are two decks below your feet."

"Shields first then, easier to access." Tayler looked over at her team. "Let's get to work, shall we? Might split you guys off to engines too if we don't need all of us working on shields." She then turned to the Captain. "We'll get you going again, don't worry."

The Andorian grunted. "We shall see, Starfleet." He then waved the engineer on her way.

Keeping her opinions to herself, Lynn headed off to work on the shields, dividing some of the work up among her team. After doing a headcount and given the space, she sent two of them off to work on the engines. "Captain? What minimum would you like the shields at before you feel comfortable setting off? Obviously we'll get them as high as we can, but just curious."

"Just get them working," the Captain scoffed. "The Klingons won't be gone for long. Make it so we can withstand another attack until we get home. That's all I ask."

"You've got it," Tayler responded back as she went back to work. Engines and shields enough to get them home without being blown apart? She could handle that part, she just hoped the Klingons would hold off while they were working.

The Andorian grunted and waved the engineer on her way. Hopefully, this day would be over quickly.


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