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A Change in the Lineup

Posted on 07 Feb 2021 @ 1:10am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Alanna Morrison & Lieutenant Lynn Tayler

Mission: Waving The Flag
Location: Engineering
Timeline: 26 June 2280, 1002

Lynn had been wandering around engineering, doing some checks and the like, being asked this or that, and not sure why everyone was asking her. Finding a moment to sit, she did so and rubbed her forehead. She didn't mind being busy, but was trying to figure out the why she was so much busier than normal with no real reasons behind it.

"Miss. Tayler?" Alanna said as she caught a glimpse of the front of the officer's uniform and her rank. "I'm Senior Chief Morrison, Chief of the Boat," she said, introducing herself. "Do you have a minute and a place we can chat alone?"

Looking over at her name being called, Lynn smiled, "Of course, ma'am." She looked around, "Seems like the chief engineer isn't here so we can use that room," she stated nodding to the room. She'd just recently had a chat with the captain, but now what was this about?

"Senior Chief, please," she said, as she walked with her to the room. "I came on behalf of the Captain to talk to you about the Chief Engineer, actually," she said, nervously. Alanna wasn't sure why she was nervous for she was coming to promote her. Still it was very weird from her job just months ago when they went to rescue the Lexington from its lostness.

"About the Chief Engineer? I'm not quite sure I understand." Lynn did wonder what was going on now. "Did something happen that I haven't been made aware of, Senior Chief?"

"Yes, you're the new Chief Engineer," she said, with a smile. "I also would like to inform you that you have been promoted to Lieutenant. It seems that Miss. Morgan wasn't cut out for the job and decided to resign," Alanna said.

Lynn raised an eyebrow. "Wait, what? Me, chief engineer and Lieutenant? Explains why they weren't down here when they were supposed to be..." She looked at Morrison again, "You're serious?"

"Very," Alanna said. "I uh, tried to get you a new rank but I'm having some command code issues still. You should be able to though," the young girl shrugged. "Make sure you show up to senior staff briefings and that sort of thing. Any questions please let me or the Captain know."

"Not an issue, honestly. I'll be at all the meetings," Tayler stated as her mind swam for a bit. "I...thank you, really. I'll get right to work."

"Fantastic, congratulations, ma'am," Alanna said, "I'll leave you to it."


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