Commander Roscoe Mayhew

Name Roscoe Aloysius Mayhew

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Commander


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19 Jun 2021 @ 11:39am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Though Mayhew’s best days are behind him, he is still a well-oiled machine. Every step and movement is that of a fit and trim soldier. He greets every day with a fixed square jaw and steely stare.


Spouse Siorse Mayhew (deceased)
Children Connor Mayhew (deceased)
Sean Mayhew (deceased)
Breanna Mayhew (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mayhew is a survivor. He survived the deaths of his family, his commanding officer, his comrades, and even the death of the Federation. Now he is too stubborn to die, even by his own hand. With nothing keeping him going except for a soldier’s discipline and force of habit, Mayhew is tough, gruff, and rough around the edges by default.
Strengths & Weaknesses In his years of Starfleet, Mayhew was a tactical expert with a strong dedication to starship security and defense. Ground-based and spaceborn squadron tactics, close-quarter combat, and long-ranged marksmanship are all areas of expertise.
In the years since Starfleet’s exile to M-11, Mayhew has become more and more insular. He is all but reclusive. The only human contact he maintains is in the weekly training regimens where he puts the raw militia recruits through the paces in order to earn the right to wear the Starfleet uniform. With fewer and fewer recruits coming up through the ranks, Mayhew believes that the end is near.
That is, until rumors of a lost Constitution class starship become more than whispers...
Ambitions Mayhew sees a final battle coming where everybody will die on their feet rather than on their knees, and he aims to be ready.
Hobbies & Interests Training weapons, cleaning weapons, reading history, more training and cleaning of weapons...

Personal History When the Klingon-Federation War broke out, Mayhew was ready. He had over 40 combat missions under his belt before hostilities commenced, a number which would more than triple in his career in Starfleet.

Despite such heroics, Mayhew suffered severe personal tragedy. His wife, Siorse, was killed along with their newborn daughter, Breanna, during the Fall of Earth. After Starfleet regrouped, Mayhew was assigned to the USS Earhart as its new Chief of Security, a role he assumed as a single father of two boys.

Mayhew spent 7 long years fighting the good fight on the Earhart. Unfortunately, they ran afoul of a Klingon ambush that scuttled the ship. Mayhew saw to the evacuation of the crew, but it cost the life of his youngest son, Sean, who died from blunt force trauma in the escape pod.

Both more dedicated yet more devastated than ever before, Mayhew accepted a promotion to a special operations training program that aimed to fast-track officers into Security Specialists. Ten years later, Mayhew’s oldest son, Connor, entered the program and graduated at the top of his class. Six weeks later, Mayhew received word that Connor’s vessel, the USS Washington, was lost with all hands.

Mayhew discovered he would always be a survivor, even if reluctantly. He resigned his commission to Starfleet, but he could not bring himself to take the coward’s way out. Without suicide as a sweet relief to the misery of life, Mayhew remained a reservist in the M-11 Militia and continued to train raw recruits for what he saw as the inevitable day when the Klingons would show up to finish the eradication they had started so long ago. Hard training and discipline for himself and for the recruits under his informal charge kept Mayhew in peak physical condition, even if overtaken by hopeless nihilism.

That is, until the day he received a visit from Marty Collins, his old classmate from the Academy…
Service Record 2280
CMDR | USS Lexington - Chief Security Officer

RESERVIST | M-11 Defense Militia - Unassigned

CMDR | Starbase 11 - Special Tactics and Reconnaissance Instructor

LCDR | USS Earhart - Chief Security/Tactical Officer

LTJG | USS Phoenix - Security Team Lead

ENS | USS Phoenix - Security Officer

Starfleet Academy