Name Kibyr

Position Science Officer


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19 Jun 2021 @ 11:39am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Kibyr, while considered average by Orion standards, would be considered fit and muscular by normal humanoid standards. He's tall and solid, using regular exercise to stay in shape. His dark hair and dazzling smile compliment his profile perfectly. Most people don't realize he's as smart as he is when they look at him, thinking he is a typical Orion dimwit. And his bright grey eyes has been described by many as mesmerizing and enchanting.


Father Kearl - deceased
Brother(s) Jalan - Captain of the Orion freighter, Love's Bounty

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kibyr is smooth and well-spoken, having a calming and disarming voice. He speaks eloquently and has a specific distaste of small talk. Many have noted that his voice is so captivating that they wonder if he can hypnotize people with his words. He enjoys pleasure, but never to the point that it disrupts scientific research and study. Some can find him annoying, as he can be very loquacious. But when you get past the firm exterior, Kibyr is soft and caring. His photographic memory has become quite helpful over the years in his research, though few know of this talent.
Ambitions Kibyr's ambition is to continue his research and to learn more about the universe
Hobbies & Interests Putting science above all else, many note that Kibyr has very little social life due to his passion for the universe around him. He enjoys talking about his work to the point that most people get tired of hearing him speak about it.

Personal History Kibyr was born and raised on an Orion freighter owned and operated by his father, the Love's Bounty. Growing up, Kibyr was very aware he was different from the others on the crew, including his own brother. While most Orion men preferred the hunt for fame and fortune, as well as the pleasures of this world, Kibyr was happiest reading books about the universe around them and studying the many wonders he could find. This was much to the disappointment of his father who wanted him to grow up and help his older brother take over the family business when it was time. Unfortunately for Kearl, Kibyr had no interest in this life and once he was old enough, left the family freighter so he could pursue his love of science.

His schooling aboard the freighter was unfortunately abysmal so he was required to complete a few courses and pass an exam prior to being allowed to enroll in any university. While the courses were easy and he knew he'd pass the exam without issue, Kibyr really applied himself, wanting to prove he could do it.

Once completed, he applied to the University of Alpha Tauri. It was a stressful time waiting to hear from them, but was relieved when he was accepted. Pursuing a degree in astrophysics, Kibyr enjoyed the rigorous curriculum and felt fulfilled by his classes. It took him a little longer than he'd have preferred to complete his degree, but he did so with high grades. When it was time to graduate, Kibyr invited his father and brother to the ceremony, but he wasn't completely surprised when they didn't show. Fueled by his family's rejection, Kibyr decided his education was not going to stop there. He applied to one of the most prestigious schools in the quadrant, the University of Betazed. He was accepted into their Master's program and excelled in his studies, just as he always did.

Upon graduating, Kibyr was offered a position to work on a research installation that orbited Devoras near the edge of Romulan space. Kibyr was excited to be seeing many different places in his life and was even more intrigued by the advanced study and research he was able to take part in. His work was fulfilling and had first-hand experience that he'd never have gotten back home.

Things continued this way for many years until he got the fateful call. His father had passed and his older brother, Jalan, was asking him to come home. While Kibyr didn't want to leave his work, nor did he desire to be around his family, he felt a certain obligation that he couldn't explain. Before he knew it, he was back aboard the Love's Bounty, hating the life he now had.

It was about a year later when the ship discovered an old Starfleet vessel hidden just outside the Triangle. While Jalan saw a chance to salvage the ship for parts, weapons and technology, Kibyr saw a completely different opportunity. He wanted to use the ship for its advanced sensor arrays and science capabilities. Convincing Jalan to board the ship and try to utilize it as their new vessel, the crew of the Love's Bounty docked and boarded the USS Lexington, hoping to bring it back to life.