The Sim

In 2256, Commander Michael Burnham stunned her Captain, mutinied, and started the Federation-Klingon War. Hundreds of thousands perished on both sides. A year later, a losing Starfleet took a desperate chance to destroy the Klingon homeworld, hoping it would divide what little bound the 24 Houses to the war. The gambit failed. Qo’noS was reduced to asteroids, but it united the Klingons against their greatest foe… humanity.

Five of the houses had already surrounded Earth. Their righteous anger fueled the Klingons’ rage. Disruptor fire and plasma torpedoes rained on the planet, killing billions in the first day alone. Starfleet pulled all it could to its capital, including the twelve Constitution Class starships that had been left out of the conflict. The Klingons continued to appear out of nowhere, intercepting Federation reinforcements, destroying some, or wounding them before they reached Earth.

The Battle of Earth raged for three weeks. When the firefight ended, hundreds of ships, including the Enterprise, were destroyed, trillions were dead, and the new Klingon Chancellor held the head of the Commander in Chief in one hand, and the President of the Federation in the other.

Vulcan. Tellar. Andor. Each signatory member of the Federation signed a peace agreement immediately lest their worlds fall to the Klingons. The Federation disbanded, and Earth was rendered permanent property of the Empire. The remaining humans on the planet were either slaughtered or enslaved. Any human not living on the planet became a refugee, trying to find shelter in any world that would take them. Humanity all but disappeared.

In the shadows, a remnant of Starfleet remained. This small group vowed to one day free Earth and push the Klingons back to their own space.

Twenty-three years have passed since the war ended. The galaxy continues to prove a desolate place. Crime is rampant, as are the syndicates and cartels backed by the Orions and the Ferengi. Vulcan and Andor have retreated into their old ways and conflict. Other former Federation worlds have tried to rebuild only to fall prey to the syndicates.

The Klingon Empire remains unified, and thirsty for blood. They now rage war against the Romulans in a brutal war, using their D-7 classes and technology gained from the Federation vaults. Meanwhile, the remnants of the Federation are left to rot. Hope is all but lost, but without a spark to reignite the flame of utopia, Starfleet will soon be relegated to the annals of history...