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Reclamation Gone Wrong

Posted on 18 Feb 2021 @ 9:10pm by Captain Martin Collins & Lieutenant Harlow Harcrow & Chief Petty Officer Christopher Cooper & Kibyr
Edited on on 21 Feb 2021 @ 2:12pm

Mission: Waving The Flag
Location: Transporter Room - USS Lexington
Timeline: July 20, 2280 || 1115 hours

Chris waited in the transporter room he had a toolkit with him and his phaser at his side. He had no idea why he had been ordered here. But it usually meant something was broken. He made sure his jumpsuit was not out of order because you never get a chance to make a good first impression other then that first time. He did look tired though.

The doors opened and Kibyr stepped in, Harcrow directly behind him. "Glad you could join us, Chief," Kibyr said as he stepped up onto the transporter pad. "It's a good day to go for a space-walk."

Chris gave a weary eyed look, "Whatever it is I didn't break it. But I can fix it if I know what is wrong?"

Harlow stood behind Kibyr, fiddling with his jacket as his gaze fell upon the engineer and offered a small nod of acknowledgement; not sure if protocol still required him to salute or stand at attention in initial introductions. "I think Cap mentioned something about the clamps?"

Chris was not big on formalities, "I'm Chris or Coop if you want to be informal. Is it just a safety clamp issue or are we talking prying open the side of a ship? Bear with me I just got here. All I know is that there is an issue that requires something damaged to be repaired. Thats my general specialty."

Kibyr handed the Engineer a PADD with more mechanical details. "There's a Klingon ship that has an old computer core on it that we're trying to recover. That computer core is held in place by clamps that we need to undo before we can tractor the core into our shuttlebay."

The Orion glanced towards the older man. "As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing to fix. But I don't know the state of those clamps so we need to remove them carefully as to not damage the data banks."

Kibyr pressed a button on his suit's arm panel causing a helmet to extend from the his back and cover his head completely. "Helmets up," he informed the other two. "Transport ready."

"Clamps should be easy enough to remove, its a matter of being deft about it. Klingons have a nasty habit of trapping their systems. It shouldn't be too bad. I hope?" Chris said in his most cheerful voice. Then stepping up to the bad.

The trio was taken by the swirling lights of the transporter, swept away to the derelict Klingon vessel.

As they appeared on the Klingon ship, Kibyr pulled out his tricorder, immediately scanning for any lifesigns. "It doesn't look like there's anyone here, but Klingons are sneaky little shits. I wouldn't be surprised if they have stealth technology at this point."

"Personal cloaking, I don't think that's possible maybe in two hundred years if you don't get cancer from the neutrino generation?" Coop sighed and took opened up his toolkit. He began to assemble a molecular disassmbler." He then took out an Engineering tricorder.

"Down this hall and to the right. Look for something that says..Dewl or looks like two hash marks and a capital L. That will be the access point along with a hexagonal hatch." Coop added.

“You humans have been sequestered away for a long time,” Kibyr stated. “Personal cloaking is quite possible. I would know, I helped develop it back on the Devoras Research Station. But that’s neither here, nor there.” Kibyr followed the Engineer, surprised he knew where to go.

Just like Chris had described there was the hatch. He looked at the rest of the group. "I am from Agros we were some of the first that were hit. I had the luxury of sabotaging a klingon transport." He attached the tool he had assembled earlier and let it remove the security bolts to the hatchway.

"Alright any of you do any drillwork?" his tone shifted from friendly to a little more authoratative.

"Once this hatch opens we are going to see two things, one is going to be a computer core the other should be one of the aux security nodes for the ship. Is anybody famillar with countermeasure deactivation?" He asked.

“This hatch is unimportant,” Kibyr stated, wondering why they were standing at the secondary security panel. “We’re here to unclamp the databanks from the bulkheads, the inner workings can wait until we’re back on the Lexington.”

Chris gave a long whistle, "Cabron, we have a job to do and as I said the klings love a good snare."

~Wonder what got into him, he was friendlier when we left~ Chris thought to himself.

He then took out another decoupler and placed it on his toolbelt.

"As mi amore used to tell me, I am way too OCD on details." He tried to give the orion a reassuring smile. Then watched as the hatch opened. Chris was right there was an auxillary node for security but its lights were dead.

"Huh? I will be damned. Its off. Alright rule one with dealing with electronics is make sure the power is off." He said and then took the decoupler and disconnected it from the ships power. The core shut off and Chris took a spanner and began to use the microtool he had brought to remove the first clamp. It was just time now.

"What is that smell is it old gagh?" Chris muttered and then realised a spark from the microtool had burned some of his arm hair.

He took the decoupler and then removed a small component about four inches in length. "There we go.. this was the little bastard I was looking for. Hold this would you hold this Kibyr? I said that right? I hope I said that right. Its the part of the core that would cause a format of everything if we tried to hook it up to a foreign system."

Kibyr rolled his eyes as he held the instrument the Engineer handed him. He was certainly talkative, a trait Kibyr rarely enjoyed in people he worked with. But the Engineer was also quite presumptuous, especially with systems he most likely had zero experience with.

The first safety clamp came off. He then reconnected it to the second.

"Alright when this secondary clamp comes off the core is going to be moveable.We ready?"

“We’re quite ready for you to undo the clamp, but I should warn you, the core won’t be moving afterwards.” Kibyr walked around the man to get a better look. “This is only one set of clamps. There are eight clamps per data bank and two banks in the core. We have quite a while to go.” Kibyr smiled to himself as he put the man in his place. “Perhaps you should take my lead rather than try to be a show off. I know quite a bit more about old Nausican computer cores than you do, I’m sure.”

Cooper sighed, "Look man I am not here to tinkle on your parade, but I would much rather take any blame for something that goes wrong. It goes with the rank. Much easier to mast the assistant chief then it is say you."

"This should be the third." A spray of lubricant hit his coveralls.

"There we go you monster. That is it.. drain for me!" He said to the core.

There was a lot of information that Harlow was working with, he had watched the third set of clamps come off and he took a preemptive step forwards. It was not just the clamps that had grabbed his attention but the two that he was working with as well, to see how they worked. The Lettuce head didn't seem to be getting along with the CPO. "I'm not sure how much rank really presides here...." He commented idly to himself, even if he had only been recently promoted to lieutenant.

"What can I do to help?" He asked, quickly brushing past his statement as Harlow looked up between the both of them. "You just...tell me how to drain the core and I'll be on it. Got to admit, you're goin' to have to talk me through the process. Might be a whizz at flying, not so much with this stuff."

Kibyr pointed towards the rounded edge of the databank, "On the other side, you'll find another set of four clamps. We need those to be undone. Once they're off, we'll move to the second databank and undo those clamps as well," Kibyr stated as he struggled with the fourth clamp on this side.

Cooper looked own and in that same friendly tone he usually used, "Careful El tee not a lot of dangerous stuff, just watch for it to slide. I would feel awful if you got hurt."

"All good, Mister Coop, I got this." Harlow replied with a crooked smile, as he went about looking on the other side of the databank. There were indeed four clamps. Harlow hummed for a moment as he began to attempt disengaging the clamps, trying to follow what the others had done.

Though maybe they were stronger than he was....

Kibyr's communicator beeped, indicating that someone on the Lexington was trying to contact the away team.

Stepping away from his two new crewmates, Kibyr flipped open his communicator, bringing it close. "Kibyr here," he said.

"The Klingons are on their way back," the Captain announced over the comm. "You've got thirty minutes to get that core aboard. If you can't make it, we'll have to leave it."

"We'll do our best, Marty," Kibyr said as he flipped his communicator closed.

Coop listened to this as he undid two more clamps. "No pressure now right?"

"Dios mio!" He exclaimed. jumping back at the large spider web he saw.

"Spiders... klingon spiders. To top it all off." He then accessed another clamp this one lacked power. So he knew he was going to have to spend time wiring a power cell to it.

"Got some bad news and worse news, Bad news is last latch is out of power. Worse news is, its going to take ten to get it wired. Seeing how you are mission CO Mister Kibyr, what are the orders?" Coop asked.

"I got these clamps finally off!" Harlow called out. He was rather chuffed, though as he rounded back to see Kibyr and Coop, his face fell ever so slightly. "Guessing something not good's bout to happen?"

"We've got company inbound so we have to hurry," Kibyr said to Harlow as he took out his tricorder and scanned the data bank. "This one looks good," he said. "Just have to undo the other side. Lieutenant, you take fore. The Chief and I will stick to the aft. Once your clamps are severed, make your way to the transport location and wait for us."

Cooper took out a power cell from the engineering kit. He then took out a multitool and took a knee. He connected it to the dead clamp. The moment he did it went from its standard orange glow to bright red.

Chris smacked it with a spanner it went back to glowing orange. For that moment he felt like Fonzie. He chucked to himself then began the sequence to unlock the anchor clamp.

It went through the unlock sequence then turned red again. Chris sighed, "Alright fine be like that you garbage tech."

He then screwed off the faceplate of the clamp. ""I think its being a problem child?"

He growled at the clamp and began to pull out various parts, each clamp that was glowing the universal unlocked green flashed for a moment. Then the misbehaving clamp went to green. He turned to the Orion.

"Alright the problem is handled. Ready when the rest of you are."

The three men worked around the other databank, releasing clamp after clamp until eventually they were almost complete.

Harlow released his last clamp, the databank shifting slightly as it was released from its casing.

"Good job, Lieutenant," Kibyr said, scanning the large structure. "Head back to the Lexington, we'll be right behind you."

With a nod, the Lieutenant packed up his gear and walked back down the corridor towards the transporter pylons.

Turning his attention back to the Chief, Kibyr watched as final clamp was released, with slightly more effort than the others needed. He patted the man on the shoulder, "Good work. Now let's get moving," he said.

Kibyr flipped open his communicator, "Kibyr to Lexington, the clamps have been released. The Computer Core is ready to be tractored back to the ship. We're on our way home, Kibyr out."

The two men packed up their gear and headed back towards the checkpoint.

They hadn't gone more than half the length of the hall when Kibyr heard a loud thud and a groan from behind him. He turned with just enough time to see Cooper falling to the ground, a large Klingon standing over his now-limp body.

Kibyr reached for his phaser but wasn't quick enough. Two more large Klingons stepped from the shadows, rushing towards him. With a tackle, the Orion's head hit the ground with a hard loud thump. Spots flashed before his eyes, dotting the faces of the two men.

The last thing Kibyr saw was one of the men bringing out a blunt weapon. With as much force as the Klingon could muster, he brought the instrument down across Kibyr's face, sending him into a blackout.


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