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What Happened?

Posted on 18 Feb 2021 @ 10:07pm by Chief Petty Officer Christopher Cooper

Mission: Waving The Flag
Location: Unknown Klingon Interogation Room

Chris had not had the same luxury as his Orion crewmate. While they clubbed him he was grabbed and heard the words, " jol yIchu!"

The next thing he knew Kibyr was taken somewhere else. He on the other hand was pushed into a chair. On the screen next to him they had identified him as being from Agra.

A klingon wearing Scarlet battle armor, who was purple in color said to him in perfect Federation Standard, "We have heard reports of such... bravado... from the remenant. I had always wanted to find out if they were real."

"Chief Petter Officer Cooper, Christopher Service number 77207." He gave a look of pure spite at the klingon.

The klingon looked at the datapad, "What was your intent with the computer core?" He took out a small triangular device.

Coop looked at the Klingon and said, "Chief Petter Officer Cooper, Christopher Service number 77207."

The klingon sighed and attached the agonizer to Cooper's arm. Cooper felt a sting and a small trickle of blood as the agonizer peirced his skin. Calmly the Klingon said, "Who is the Orion?"

"Chief Petter Officer Cooper, Christopher Service number 77207." He braced himself he had been tortured before. He knew what was happening was going to make him hurt.. a lot.

The klingon said, "Human, I have been cordial enough. Answer my questions or I will turn this device on and you will know Grethor's touch."

Cooper said, "Screw you."

The klingon laughed and turned on the agonizer. Cooper screamed.

"If you do not tell me what I wish to know...We will extract the information from you both neuron.. by neuron." The interogator said, the one thing that creeped Cooper out was how calm the klingon was. Then the klingon's padd blinked. Cooper saw what he had pulled up.

Everything the Empire had on him. His family, enslaved. Most of them were interned in the Sol System. Then he saw Amanda's picture which choked him up. Then he saw a picture of Fellox.

The Interogator adjusted the setting making Chris tear up in pain. "It seems we are going to have a long talk when your friend wakes up. We are done for now." The klingon stood up and yanked the agonizer off Coopers arm.

He was then escorted to the cell where Kibyr was held. They tossed him in uncermoniously. He addjusted the Orions legs and head so he would not go into shock, checked his mouth for debris. Finding none he sat down next to Kibyr, rearing off part of his already freyed jumpsuit at his knee he made a bandage.

He then waited for Kibyr to wake up.


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