Senior Chief Petty Officer Alanna Morrison

Name Alanna Morrison

Position Chief of the Boat

Second Position Corpsman

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer


  • 18 Mission Posts

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19 Jun 2021 @ 11:39am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"


Father Joseph Morrison, Deceased
Mother Dr. Karen Morrison, Physician Remmenant Command
Brother(s) Joseph Morrison Jr., Teenager, M-11

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tough, outspoken, and opinionated is the first three words that most would use to describe Alanna. With a rough upbringing helping to take care of her father who was plagued by mental illness after the Klingon-Earth war. She is driven to help those in need and serve Starfleet as taught by her parents.
Strengths & Weaknesses It could easily go both ways between absolute stubbornness or perseverance but there is nothing that Alanna sets out to do that she won't continue to go after until she accomplishes it. Her big mouth has also gotten her in trouble from time to time. The burden of taking care of all of her family, friends, and teammates also weighs heavily on her.
Ambitions She isn't really sure what she wants to do beyond serving Starfleet and bettering her family name and giving her father a better legacy than being broken after the war.
Hobbies & Interests Sketching is about all that keeps Alanna sane in her spare time though her drawings are often pretty dark.

Personal History Alanna has spent her entire life on M-11 with both of her parents serving at Remmanant Command. Her parents both served during the Klingon-Earth war and were evacuated to M-11. Her father had served on some of the remaining Starfleet vessels since the war but ultimately the demons of mental health beath him and he ended up hospitalized, discharged from Starfleet, and fighting his illness at home in disgrace and secrecy.

With Alanna's mother working hard as a physician and the lack of medical providers left in the fleet occasionally deployed. This left Alanna home to deal with her father's illness, her younger brother, and trying to survive when things got tough.

Despite all of the problems at home and how the war had destroyed her father she knew she was destined to join Starfleet and to change her father's legacy. She wanted him to be proud and she wanted to help improve the universe for the Humans and their allies.

A troublemaker in school the opportunity to go to medical school, as her mother wished, went out the door. Alanna honestly wasn't sure that she wanted to be a physician wanting a little bit more action in her life but when she joined Starfleet her aptitude for medicine was high having picked up a lot working with her mother throughout her teen years.

She was assigned to Remmanant Command and began training to become a Corpsman. She remained there wanting to serve her two years before becoming eligible to truly join the fleet and deploy on a starship. Though it would be an unexpected call from Captain Marty Collins, a family friend, that would bring her into service of a Starship if they found it.
Service Record 2277-2278 - Corpsman Trainee, Remmanant Commander M-11
2278-2280 - Corpsman, Medical Department, Remmanant Command M-11
2280 - Medical Specialist, USS Lexington