Lieutenant Lynn Tayler

Name Lynn Noell Tayler

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant


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19 Jun 2021 @ 11:39am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description ~Lynn’s hair is normally worn down or half pulled up. She keeps it all the same length when possible.
~Is much shorter than those around her, but doesn’t let it bother her.


Father Glenn Tayler - Former Starfleet - Assumed KIA
Mother Sylvia Tayler- Former Starfleet - Assumed KIA

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lynn has only known the life of an ‘orphan’. She was taken from her parents when the Klingons invaded at the age of 2. She’s always been told her parents were dead, but deep down, she hopes that they aren’t. With an enjoyment of watching the stars and tinkering with everything, she has found engineering in any possible way more of a hobby than work, though does know that it is actually work and not play.
Strengths & Weaknesses ~Strength: Repairing odd equipment, stature when needing to get into small places.
~Weakness: Height when needing to be tall is necessary
Ambitions ~Find out if her parents were actually killed or if something else happened to them.
Hobbies & Interests ~Stargazing

Personal History Lynn was born two years before the Klingons invaded Earth to Starfleet parents Glenn and Sylvia. They wanted to take her on a ship, or anything to let her explore space with them. However, they weren’t able to, and Glenn was shortly reassigned to a ship and was sent out, leaving Lynn with her mother.

It didn’t take long for Sylvia to also be needed when there was word of Klingons coming to Earth. All of this Lynn learned second-hand, as she was only two years old when she was somehow taken off of Earth before the attacks and left with many other children who were sent to escape.

Other than in pictures, Lynn had never seen a Klingon in person. The images scared her originally, but she also knew that they were the ones who took her away from her family. After a time, the images no longer frightened her, and only reminded her of what she’d lost.

Though she did enjoy learning as much as she could with the other children from those who had taken the group away, Lynn’s focus was on Starfleet, or at least what she’d heard about it. Those who had saved the group of children were far from actual teachers, but were doing their best. Being children, they were kept mostly in the dark about what had actually happened or even what was currently happening. They weren’t allowed out without being in the group, even just to play. As a group, they were being hidden away, although that didn’t seem to set into their minds at the start.

Lynn, however, didn’t appreciate this. She wanted to be where the action was. After years of being told it wasn’t safe to go out, safe to be away from the group, she turned 13 and decided being a teenager was safe enough and she knew what she was getting into. Late one night, she decided to find her way out of the secure housing she’d been in for over ten years and wander for a bit. Everything was lit up like a normal town would be, so she thought nothing of it.

That was until flashbacks to the images she’d been shown of Klingons came flooding back when one appeared in the light. Luckily, being small, she was able to duck away into the shadows, but she was frozen with fear beyond that. It was not until the next morning that she was found, but not by those whom had been taking care of her before.

Life completely changed at that point. She was found to by those who said she could enlist in Starfleet, in a way. She’d have a safe place to stay and food to eat, but she’d be put to work in the mines. There weren’t many children there, let alone many that were as small as she was, especially considering she was small for 13. Lynn took the opportunity and knew that she couldn’t be this tiny child hiding away all the time and afraid of her own shadow. She wasn’t sure even why she felt brave enough in that one moment to wander away from what had been safe for as long as it had been.

But this was a new start for her. Unfortunately, she ended up needing to be treated medically for injuries with the mining multiple times as she got used to the conditions. Those that had been there for quite some time took to helping her as they did their own duties. It was rare for anyone like her to survive long, but this was her only way to start the life she was hoping she wanted.

Any time she wasn’t in the mines, or eating, Lynn enjoyed watching the stars above their heads. She knew it would be a long time before she was allowed out of the mines. Anything else was meant for those that were older than she was. But, if it kept her safe and gave her a chance at a future, she’d learn and do all that she could, however, most of what she wanted to learn was about the space beyond the planet, not the planet or the mining.

By the time she was 19, Lynn had become well known in the mines, and often helped those who were newer to learn more about how to survive, even though Starfleet mines were mostly safe. She’d remained short, at all of 5’3”, but had built up a little muscle, which made her feel a bit better about herself. She’d been there long enough she had a few transition options, though she felt more comfortable remaining where she was in a way. An odd job popped up, and it was offered to her: mining scheduling.

Due to the fact that she would still be near those who’d helped her the last six years become the person she was but also get her out of the actual mines, she took the job. The job didn’t last too long, as many people would rotate out of it, and she remained there for a year.

After that year, she was again given more options: she could attempt to apply for Remnant Command, help with repairing the mining equipment or look for an ‘internal’ desk job. It was that or back into the mines. Not wanting the last option, and knowing her chances at Remnant were slim, she decided to test her skills in repairing the mining equipment. It kept her near all the friends she’d made, but at the same time, provided her with new experiences.

As it turned out, this was something Lynn was amazing at. The skills came naturally to her, though she’d never done anything like it in her entire life. She didn’t question this, and continued to work on repairing and upgrading the mining equipment for the next five years.

There was a call for the need for skilled workers, including engineers, on a ship that had been found: the Lexington. Not thinking anything of it, Lynn didn’t bother looking into the ship until she was informed she was being reassigned due to the need for her on the ship. Packing what little she had, she did as she was told to do and found herself on board, never having dreamed she’d ever end up on a ship in her life.
Service Record Mines: 2268 - 2274
Mine Scheduling Desk Job: 2274-2275
Mine Equipment Engineer: 2275-2280
USS Lexington Engineering Officer: 2280-