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Taking the Bridge

Posted on 01 Aug 2020 @ 1:12pm by Captain Martin Collins & Lieutenant Harlow Harcrow & Senior Chief Petty Officer Alanna Morrison & Kibyr

Mission: Fool's Errand
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 3 || 1345 hours

Marty carefully peered up the shaft. Above his head, the bridge access was already open, and light spilled out into the Jeffries Tube, illuminating the ladder above. He could hear noises from the bridge, though they were muffled beyond recognition.

He looked back to the rest of the small team in the horizontal tube behind him. "We've got company. There's a service corridor that lines the rear of the bridge. We can use that to our advantage. If we can, all four of us, get out there at the same time, we should be able to take the bridge by surprise.

Alanna nodded holding her phaser tightly in her hand careful to not key the trigger.

Above them, a singular voice could be heard. "Dammit, still not working," the voice said as they heard a few footsteps and then silence again. There were random beeps and chirps that indicated the individual was working at a console on the Bridge.

"That confirms that," he muttered to the group. Marty immediately gave them a signal to stay put for a moment. He kept his phaser raised and climbed the ladder slowly, being careful to not have his boots clank on the metal rungs.

Marty peered above the deck plating, only to be met with the rear of the bridge consoles. The service corridor appeared to be clear. Several access panels appeared to have been blown once before, as indicated by the carbon scoring around them, but had been replaced. Someone had been on the ship long enough to affect several major repairs. Marty wondered for a moment if any of the crew had managed to survive this long aboard the Lexington. He didn't suppose the Orions had been around long enough to affect such repairs himself.

The Captain quickly and quietly pulled himself out of the tube and slipped to put his back up against the console. He could see a portion of the viewscreen from his position, but he didn't see his reflection. Marty was immensely thankful for that. He slipped back over to the Jefferies tube and gestured to those below to come up and join him. Marty then slipped back to the console and crouched down, keeping his phaser ready to strike.

Harlow waited around, his eyes caught by everything - everything that seemed new, despite it really being....old. He had kept himself quiet as they waited in the jeffries tube for Marty to return. Judging by it all, there was at least one working panel up on the bridge as he moved to join Marty, his phaser in hand and his heart beating in his chest. "C'mon...." He muttered under his breath.

With everyone now in position, Marty checked the charge on his phaser. He took in a deep breath. There would be no returning from this moment. He looked to his right and nodded to the assembled team. Marty would exit in front of the viewscreen, and Harcrow by the turbolift. The team would be split coming out of those access points and cut off whomever might be on the bridge.

Marty stood and swung around the console wall, side-stepping in front of the large viewscreen. "Freeze!" he shouted, aiming his phaser at the first person he saw.

Harlow tried to move at the same time, taking a breath as he exited by the turbolift, phaser out in front. He moved quickly and quietly, though perhaps not quietly enough as someone had turned around at that exact moment. "Hands where I can see 'em!" Harlow said, taking a precautionary step back.

Kibyr jumped slightly, not expecting other people to come onto the Bridge. He looked at them, standing up from his seat. "I was certainly hoping to avoid this," he said. "After this ship has sat for so long, what an interesting coincidence that we both arrive at the same time."

“He said hands up,” Alanna said, in the best threatening voice she could muster. She figured she probably looked ridiculous but she was the one who was on the winning side. She pointed her phaser toward Kibyr first at his face then lowering it toward his torso figuring that it was probably a much better target giving her experience with a phaser.

Kibyr chuckled as he looked at the young woman. "I heard what he said."

Marty did his best to ignore Kibyr's comments. He'd dealt with Orions enough to know they'd easily manipulate their own siblings to get out of a jam. "What were you doing at that console?"

"Honestly, we're trying to get the sensors up and running," Kibry said, moving aside and gesturing towards the console. "You're free to have someone come verify the validity of my statement."

He took a few steps away, making sure to give the humans enough room to not fear being attacked. "When we discovered this ship a couple weeks ago, we had no idea why it was here or what happened. We couldn't exactly ask, so we were hoping to at least get those going so we could take a look ourselves. Unfortunately the damage was more extensive than we anticipated and we aren't exactly familiar with your technology."

The Captain did not lower his weapon and kept it trained on the Orion. "Harcrow, secure that station and verify the story."

"Aye captain." Harlow replied, almost instantaneously. He headed over to the station, watching as the Orion gave them a wide berth, running his fingers over the console in a desperate, almost silent plea that he knew what he was doing (because of course he did).

"As for you," Marty warned, keeping his gaze fixed on the Orion, "how many of you are on the ship? And what exactly were you planning to do with the Lexington?"

"Honestly, we hadn't decided yet what to do with it," Kibyr responded. "Might sell it for parts if it doesn't work. Might just scrap it." He shrugged, but the look on his face turned distant, almost as if he was recalling a dream. "Honestly, I was hoping we could get it up and running again. You humans didn't last long against the Klingons, due to your weak firepower, but your sensors..."

Kibyr sighed, his mouth smirking, "To see the galaxy the way you did. To have the scientific capacity this ship has at my fingertips. Orions don't exactly live for scientific discovery any longer, not since the Syndicate. And leaving Devoras was a major mistake on my part. Part of me was excited to resume my passion."

It took him a couple of attempts as he figured it out as the console retrieved the most recent bulk of data, Harlow frowned, nodding. "Yeah, looks like their story checks out, cap!" His eyes hadn't looked up as he still continued to sift through the data. Though after another beat, blue eyes suddenly looking up. "What's a Devoras?"

"Devoras is a star system," Marty explained. Between his decades of service as a pilot and a Captain, Marty had had plenty of time to study all of the available star charts. "So you command the Orions aboard this ship, then?" he demanded of Kibyr. His eyes glanced around the room while his phaser remained aimed.

There were plenty of blast scorchings everywhere, but there was also evidence of multiple repairs. Breaches in the bulkheads had been welded shut. Two of the consoles had been replaced, and the helm rebuilt. All of the evidence showed that the Orions hadn't been the only ones to try and repair the starship. "What did you do with the survivors?" he asked Kibyr. "If you've only been here for a couple of weeks, coming aboard that little ship of yours, then someone else has been trying to fix the ship up long before you."

Kibyr shook his head, "We haven't found another soul on board, either alive or dead. We have been trying to figure out what happened ourselves, but the logs are locked behind access codes that we couldn't break."

Marty supposed he should be thankful that the Lexington had been found by Orions and not Tellarites, Nausicaans or Klingons. Of course, with Devoras being close to Romulan space, and then this asteroid belt floating so closely to it, it was more of a miracle that the Romulans hadn't found it first either.

The Captain had been thinking about the original crew since he came aboard too. There wasn't a single body to be found anywhere, Klingon or human. Someone had to have survived all of this time to affect some of these repairs and attend to the dead. "How many of you are aboard? And what specifically are they doing below decks? You can't just be ascertaining the ship's status, not anymore. You already know what you're after."

"I already told you. We're trying to repair the sensors." Kibyr rolled his eyes, "After that, i was hoping we'd start on propulsion. Maybe get the ship out of the asteroid field and find somewhere safer and more quiet to repair it."

"Bullshit," Marty spat. "We took our time getting into position just to find you here. We only heard you talking to yourself, and if the sensors were really that valuable, you would have help with you there and there." He released one hand from the phaser and pointed at both the Engineering and Navigation consoles. "Now, I believe you're working on the sensors. But what about the rest?"

Kibyr shrugged, "You can believe me or not. But you also have to realize that power aboard the ship is spotty at best, while I'm working on the sensors with a few people I have working elsewhere on the ship, there are also people in Engineering trying to get the power supply fully functional."

The Orion's eyes squinted as he gave the human an odd look. "But you already know there are people in Engineering. You don't need me to tell you that. Also, navigation has nothing to do with the kind of sensors I'm looking for, and you know that as well. So what's the angle, mister...?"

"Captain," Marty corrected, and he offered no name for the time being. "My team and I are here to reclaim the Lexington, bring her home where she belongs, not rusting away inside an asteroid. And you want to talk about angles? Any Orion who just wants to make a quick bar or two would have taken whatever hadn't been burnt up and left by now, or at least would have made a couple salvage runs. Where is it you wanted to take this ship?"

"I have to admit, Captain, that I'm a little confused at this point. Why are you asking me questions I've already answered? Are you trying to see if you'll trip me up?" Kibyr asked.

Marty smirked. "Sensors can be just as easily repaired in Engineering. Any technician worth their weight knows that. So, let's try again."

Kibyr's smiled matched the one of the man speaking with him. "I'm a student of science, my dear Captain. I spent my years studying and discussing theories and performing experiments on subjects you don't have the capacity to even begin to understand. To call me a technician is insulting."

The man paced a bit, coming to a stop in front of the large viewscreen. "I like quiet when I work. And I'm sure that either you, or a member of your trusty gang has been down to Engineering by now and have seen my brother and his friends. Trust me, no one is getting any work done in the racket down there."

Marty fought to keep his surprise off his face. He worried now for Mayhew and Ryan on the lower decks, especially what the Orions might do to Ryan should they overwhelm the security detail. Marty kept in step with Kibyr just to make sure the Orion didn't get behind any of them, and he gestured at the accompanying team members to keep an eye on the turbolift, just in case someone tried to surprise them.

But, the Orion here had just revealed something whether he meant to or not. "So you're the odd man out. Your brother, and his friends... Where are your friends, then?"

Kibyr stood there for a moment, his eyes locked with the other man. "I've told you a lot, more than I should have," he said. "And it's entirely because you have your goons holding a gun on me, when I'm clearly outnumbered and unarmed." He cocked his head slightly tilted, "Is this how Starfleet behaves now? In this new world order, you really want to emerge as the school bully who feels so powerless about their own problems that they terrorize and harass those who appear weaker?"

"Says the man with green skin whose species is known for their subterfuge and manipulations," Marty fired back. "We can go back and forth all day, I'm sure. And, I can put down my weapons and just keep you under guard, provided you kick over to me whatever communicator you've got on you, and that you tell me what's really going on here."

"I've actually been using the internal comms," Kibyr said, taking a few steps towards the console he was working at. He stopped short, allowing the Starfleet officer to move out of the way, before he got closer. A few taps at the screen and he pulled up the communication logs. "See, right here."

Marty still didn't trust the Orion, but then again, he didn't exactly have much to go with in the first place. "Take a look at those logs, Harcrow. As for you, when's your next check in?"

"As I told you, I've said enough. I'm going to sit here and be quiet and allow you to do whatever it is you and your team wants to do," Kibyr said as he walked towards the middle of the room and slipped into the Captain's chair. He spun around so that he was, again, facing the Starfleet members. "Good luck with my brother. It's going to take more than a few of you with guns to stop him." Kibyr smiled.

Marty lowered his phaser, and gestured to several of the others to stand guard at the entrances. The last thing he needed now was to be surprised. "Fine," he told Kibyr, eying the man suspiciously, assuming that Kibyr was now taunting Collins by sitting in the one spot he desired most. "We'll just keep you, with us, and then once we're done, we'll just beam you back with your brother and his friends."

Harlow had stepped to one side, eyeing up the Orion carefully and a bit warily as he approached, his phaser already lowered. He didn't really understand any of the talk that was going on, but no one had started shooting at one another which tended to be a good thing at the very least. Returning to the logs, he skimmed most of it. "Looks like the green giant's telling the truth here, cap. Been using internal comms to communicate." He looked up at the Orion sat in the captain's chair, his brow furrowing a slight. "Isn't that a bad idea, just letting the Orion go like that back to his family? Ain't it going to just backfire on us?"

"The Orion is right about one thing," Marty said, giving the green-skinned man a quick glance. "We are Starfleet. The moment we start killing in cold blood is the moment we've truly lost everything we used to stand for. Let's start a systems diagnostic and figure out where exactly the bridge systems stand."

Kibyr just smiled.

Alanna watched Kibyr interested in his actions, his words, was it all a farce? Sure she'd heard about Orions and what they were capable of and what they were known for but was this that? She didn't know but for what she knew of Orions she was quite interested in this man of science. Did he just want the sensors? She found it a little ironic that she never, despite her job, ever felt that she was a person of science just a person of filling a need.

"I'll keep an eye on him if you want to help with the tech stuff, sir," Alanna said, her weapon still trained on the green man. "I don't know what I could do to help otherwise."

"Go right ahead," Marty confirmed to Alanna. He crossed the bridge to the engineering station and placed his phaser in its holster. "Harcrow, move to the helm and perform a full diagnostic. Tell me if the repairs to the console were complete."

Marty, in the meantime, began to tap away at the controls to the engineering console, accessing the diagnostic mainframe. The response speed between the controls and the duotronic computer appeared to be slower than normal, but this was a computer that hadn't been properly maintained for two decades. The displays appeared to functioning normally, and their gauges were accurate, especially since they had nothing to report.

The rest of the console appeared to check out fine. Several of the systems, while offline, still were accessible, as well as their diagnostic features. "Accessibility doesn't seem to be a problem. Most diagnostic functions indicate that the ship is closer to operational status than our green friend here thought. Let's just hope the rest of the team has as much luck as we've had so far."



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