Posted on 11 Jul 2021 @ 12:31pm by Captain Martin Collins & Lieutenant Talia sh'Ahrazad

Mission: Waving The Flag
Timeline: July 21, 2280

Talia thought that all of Starfleet's big ships were long gone. The fact that she was currently on one, despite it's condition, didn't go unnoticed. And the small amount of crew she'd seen so far was...eclectic. She was thankful for the ride back to Andoria and couldn't wait to personally file her report regarding the intercepted Klingon transmissions and possible areas of operation. Her thoughts were interrupted by an incoming message.

"Lieutenant sh'Ahrazad, please report to the Ready Room. Lieutenant sh'Ahrazad report to the Ready Room."

Talia nodded and rose from the chair in the guest quarters she'd been given. As she left, she wondered why she could possibly be needed by the human captain. Unless it was what she was thinking about a moment ago...intercepted Klingon communications.

She simply knocked on the doors when she reached them. Who knew if the panel even worked on this old ship.

The doors whooshed apart, revealing Captain Collins standing beside his desk holding a water pitcher and a padd. He glanced up to see who was at the door. "Ah, Lieutenant, come on in."

Talia walked in and stood in front of Collins. "You called for me, Captain," she said matter-of-factly.

"I did." Marty gestured to one of the seats in front of the desk. "Glass of water?" he asked the Andorian.

Talia walked to the proffered seat and sat down. "Yes Captain, water would be fine." She looked around the room for a moment. "You have quite the...spartan, I believe is the here, Captain."

Marty poured a glass and handed it to Talia. "That's only because I haven't used it much. That, and I don't have a lot of personal belongings. Whatever I do have is down in my quarters. Pretty much everything of value I ever own... I haven't seen in twenty years."

Talia accepted the glass of water and nodded. "I imagine personal belongings are fairly sparse then, considering." She took a long drink of the cool liquid. "I admit, I'm surprised to see a ship of this class that's still space-worthy."

Marty smirked, "If that's the case, then imagine my surprise when I tell you that until just a couple months ago, we thought this ship had been destroyed back in '57. Intel picked up a lead that something Starfleet looking was hiding in an asteroid field, turns out it was this ship. She was a little less for wear, but we got her back up and running again. Lex still has her quirks, but she's happy to be traveling the stars once more."

Talia nodded. "Destroyed. Then thanks to whoever decided to preserve it for you. And thanks to you for allowing myself and our crew to travel with it back to Andoria."

"It's the least we can do," Marty offered. "The least we can do for the convoy, anyway. For you, however, I have something else in mind."

Talia set the glass down. Her antennae waved slightly at the cryptic statement from the pink skin. "Oh?" she said. "What might that be?"

"I've read your file." Marty leaned back in his chair, sizing up the Andorian. "Qualified communicator and translator. Highly skilled with linguistics. A knack for analyzing one's enemy. And... you recently applied for the Officer Exchange."

"I have," she said, letting the praise slip to the side. "Do you know of an opening, Captain?" the point and not much for long-windedness.

"I've got one right here," Marty stated. "I need a qualified communications officer with a knack for intel gathering and analysis."

Talia picked up the glass she'd set down a moment ago and took a long drink. She thought about the offer and the immediate changes that accepting it would bring. The biggest of which, was the advancement of her career. "Then I'm the Andorian for you," she said, settling the glass on her lap. "I have a few things on Andoria to pick up once we make it back. But that shouldn't be a problem. Is there anything I should know right away?"

Marty shook his head. "Other than the fact most people think Starfleet is a joke, there's not a whole lot. Make sure you're brushed up on your Klingon, Orion, and Nausicaan, as we'll be dealing mostly with those. Other than that, welcome aboard."

"Indeed they do," she said, pausing before continuing. "Klingon, I'm fluent in. Orion and Nausicaan, I'll have to brush up on, as you say. Thank you for the welcome and the opportunity." She moved to set the glass on the desk in front of her. "If there's nothing else, I should go get started on those language refreshers."

"Get to it," Marty ordered with a smile. "Dismissed."