Lieutenant Talia sh'Ahrazad

Name Talia sh'Ahrazad

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 11 in or 180.5 cm
Weight 132 lbs or 60 kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Greenish-Blue
Physical Description She is a shran from the Ahrazad clan and commonly known as Talia. Talia is average height, a little on the slender side, and has the standard two antennae situated on her head. She has a rather 'dainty' appearance, greenish-blue eyes, and other standard Andorian characteristics. Her build and appearance can occasionally make her stand out a little more than she would like. ("You're skinny for an Andorian.") She keeps her silvery-white, wavy hair at or slightly above shoulder length. Most Andorians are well known for their determination and endurance in physical combat. And despite Talia's slim build and 'dainty' appearance, she can most certainly hold her own.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ekyth th'Evethiss, Tohl ch'Risriss
Mother Shriril sh'Ahrazad, Ishrere zh'Evhallol
Brother(s) Shalev th'Evethiss, Kothan th'Evethiss
Sister(s) Pashi sh' sh'Ahrazad

Personality & Traits

General Overview Talia tends to be reserved in her manner and speech. She would rather exercise the ability to hold her tongue. She has no care for gossips and long-windedness. She can be a stickler for procedure and the chain of command. Indecision drives her crazy. When she comes to a decision, she stands by it regardless of the consequences. Non-Andorians might see her as pig-headed or belligerent.
Strengths & Weaknesses + languages (speaking, translating)
+ hold her own physically despite build and appearance (can be violent if pushed)
+ various communications systems

- diplomacy
- Not known for charity or sympathy; callous
- Starship/Starbase Engineering
Ambitions Learn more languages, advance her career, and gain a better position in the Andorian military.
Hobbies & Interests Various species' communication systems, languages (fluent in Andorian, Vulcan, Human English, Klingon).

Personal History Talia was born in May 2253 into a typical bondmated family. Since Andorians place a high value on family, she had very few, if any, problems growing up. Though she would fight at the drop of an insult as a teenager. That little quirk finally diminished in her early twenties...after graduating from the Andorian Military Institute. While in her secondary education classes, her teachers noticed that she had an aptitude for languages. They encouraged Talia in this direction as more of a hobby at the time. It became more than a hobby in the end of her secondary and into her post-secondary education. It was during this time that she focused and became fluent in Vulcan and Human English. When she joined the Andorian Military Institute, she continued her independent study of languages with Klingon.

Like most Andorian children, Talia began her combat training at an early age. Her goal was to be among the few that succeeded in 'breaking in' to the Andorian Imperial Guard. She began working towards the rigorous standards of physical fitness, intellectual determination, and personal fighting skill. At nineteen years of age, she passed the entrance exams and was sent to Chekthora, the Andorian Military Institute (2272).

As a first year cadet, or thras'chaaki (“they who seek knowledge of the processes of war”), she continued in an intensive physical program by adding wilderness survival exercises as part of her classes. She took the courses on Andorian military doctrine and procedure seriously and adapted well to her species' military culture. Talia's second and third years focused on advance military instruction. Her studies delved further into Andorian tactical and strategic doctrines before choosing her specialized training. Languages had come easy for Talia so she began attending classes for linguistics and communications. Her fourth and final year saw her assigned to the IGS Kelar as Communications with the rank of Chaken, Ensign provisional. Talia finished her 'cadet cruise' and returned to the Military Institute for graduation. She received her diploma and her first assignment, the IGS Kelar...where she had completed her fourth year of training. Her tenure resulted in a few negative comments from her Commanding Officer. Talia's lack of diplomacy and tendency to speak her mind got her into trouble on several occasions. During her last year aboard, the Andorian signed up for an Officer Exchange program as a way to get into a more prestigious program and higher position back on Andoria.

Talia spent a total of three years on the Kelar as the Communications Officer before being transferred to [wherever the Lexington crew ends up] on Andoria. While her assignment on Andoria included communications, well, translation work, she was primarily utilized as a guard. However, several times each week, she would be called into a secure room and asked to translate or confirm the translations of some intercepted communiques. There were mostly Vulcan and the occasional Human messages. As of late, she's been asked to listen to live Klingon communications. It took Talia a while to get used to this new aspect of being in the Imperial Guard. In 2380, her name came up regarding the Officer Exchange program. Now was her chance to do whatever it would take to advance her career.
Service Record 2272 – 2276: Andorian Military Institute
2276 – 2279: IGS Kelar, Andorian Imperial Guard
2279 – 2280: [wherever the Lexington crew ends up], Andoria
2280 – Present: USS Lexington, Officer Exchange program