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Making Friends

Posted on 19 Apr 2020 @ 2:52am by Lieutenant Morgan Ryan
Edited on on 19 Apr 2020 @ 2:55am

Mission: History
Location: M-11
Timeline: 2273

"Shit shit shit shit... No just.. aghhhh." Morgan swore to herself as she attempted to run down the alley only to find a wall blocking her way. This was not good, no not at all. The sucker she had just ripped off with the only partially fixed palm computer she had found.

She hadn't promised to sell it to him in working order, after all, she had just said she'd fix it. She had fixed it, just not completely. Why he was so pissed at her was something she didn't understand!

Well no she did understand but that was another matter and one she definitely did not want to go over with Mr. Numptee.

Was that his name? Probably not, she forgot, he had told her but Morgan wasn't paying attention. She turned and looked around trying to find a way out of the alley that wasn't the way she came because she could still hear Numptee yelling behind her. Something about the money she owed him.


Scanning, Morgan saw it. A window seven feet off the ground just out of her reach. It was open and if she could get to it a way out of this alley. For once in her life, she was cursing at being so short.

There a dumpster, that would get her high enough to reach the window. Running over, she gave it a solid shove. It was heavy, probably full, but thankfully on wheels, so it moved ever so slightly when she pushed. Shove after shove she could hear Numptee screaming for her. "Where did the girl go! FIND HER!"

Oh yeah, Numptee had friends that was right. Finally, after several hard shoves, Morgan had gotten the dumpster far enough over that she could probably reach it without moving it all the way. Pulling herself onto the soft plastic lid that caved a little with the weight, Morgan grabbed for the window ledge and pulled herself up. Peeking through the window, she saw what looked like a storeroom. It would do for now.

Hoisting herself over the edge, Morgan lost her grip, falling hard into the shelves. "Son of a b..." she groaned in pain as she heard Mr. Numptee's voice from the window above her. She stopped instantly trying to stay as quiet as possible.

"Where did that rat go?!" She heard Numptee's voice boom through the window trying to find her, "She couldn't have just vanished into thin air!"

"I don't know Boss. She ain't worth it anyway!"

Morgan grinned a little none of them were observant enough to notice the window.

The door behind her clicked.


She looked back at the door, she was still on her back on the ground so it must have looked rather humorous actually. The door opened and a man stood there, upon seeing the Morgan's small form and bright hair stopped. "Well... Hello." He said as I simply stared at him.

"I want you to check every damn alley and find that Bitch! I want her dead!" Numptee's voice broke through the silence.

"Ah. Makes sense then. Up you get come on, there's a backroom you can hide in for a while." The man said waving out the door, "I take it you did something to piss Harrison off?"

Ahh Harrison, so that was his name.

Morgan pulled herself up to her feet and brushed off her rather dirty clothes off. Morgan nodded at his question trying to look as innocent as possible.

"Knock off the act. What's your name?" The man asked as he grabbed a protein bar of the shelf and tossed it to Morgan.

"Morgan." She replied, she figured it was useless to lie to him at this point so might as well be honest.

"Well Morgan, I'm Derek. Eat that you look starved." He replied turning and leaving the room obviously expecting her to follow.

With a shrug, she opened the bar and followed him out of the supply closet.


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