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Smokestacks and deep thoughts

Posted on 21 Apr 2020 @ 10:20pm by Lieutenant Harlow Harcrow

Mission: History
Location: M11; Harcrow residence
Timeline: 2277/2278 (aged 21)

"The stars are pretty mum..."

"I know they are sweetheart. One day you'll get to see them up close."

He was seven, his mom having just recounted a tale of the grand adventures across the stars. Of course, he knew that part of it was made up, that there was no way it was so beautiful - that his mom was holding out on something. But he accepted it, laying in bed, looking up at her., playing with her red hair as it fell down over her shoulder.

"One day..." He mumbled as his eyes closed.


But only now, he wasn't seven.

The sky was dim, polluted. The burning of something in the distance cascading his vision of the night sky.

There were no stars.

Valen sat next to him, on a makeshift porch of their temporary-turned-permanent home. They hadn't needed to speak, but the black eye had concerned his twin. They were turning twenty-two in the next few days.

"How bleak do you have to get sparked in the face and then sit out on the porch staring at ol' man Mangus burning goodness knows what at midnight?" Valen scoffed, running his hand through his hair.

It was only a scar's difference between the two twins as Harlow stared back at his reflection. "Remember what ma used to say? About us one day rejoining the stars?"

"She was speaking hypothetically, but yeah, go on."

"What's stopping us then? From being one of them folks....up there in Starfleet?" Harlow had caught the glint in his eye that his brother was waiting for. A spark that seemed to light a bigger fire. "Cause I'm not spending the rest of my days scraping by, dealing with their shit whilst they get warm beds, stable job and food. That's where I want to be."

Valen shook his head, looking away and then looking back. "I don't know, Harls. Big ol' mighty dream for a scrapyard duo."

"What harm is there in trying then?"


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