Lieutenant Morgan Ryan

Name Morgan Ryan

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant


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18 Oct 2020 @ 4:59pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Dyed
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description If any were asked to describe Morgan it would be small and feisty. Standing at just over 5 feet tall, and a slightly underweight 110 pounds, Morgan has spent an entire life getting into small places no one else could.

Morgan has shoulder-length brown hair that she typically has dyed different colours throughout her life, currently, her hair is a blue shade, not as bright as she would have wished but that's another matter. Preferring to keep her hair down, Morgan is constantly playing with, pulling at and moving her hair as it falls into her eyes. Framed by her hair, Morgan has light grey eyes, something that has brought her more attention then she wished from time to time. Morgan has had an almost dirty appearance her entire life since arriving on M11.

Vocally, Morgan has a light Irish accent picked up from the one person in her life she had always depended on.


Father Patrick Ryan (Deceased)
Mother Melissa Ryan (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Morgan remembers little from before her parents died. She remembers the good years, her Fathers attempt to brighten the slums they lived in, her mother's constant need to feed everyone around her. Morgan's parents were truly the centre of a good part of the slums that existed on M-11. That was until they died, killed by some drug lord who took offence to their attempts to clean up the little area around them that he deemed as his.

After that, all Morgan remembers is the fight, the every day fight to survive in a lawless underworld that was forming, with the glistening last city of Humanity just in sight. Morgan turned to petty theft, stealing a wallet here, going through some garbage there to pick out things she might repair.

To that extent, Morgan is a natural born mechanic. The things she stole, found and fixed to sell helped her keep a life, floating from place to hiding hole keeping food in her stomach and clothes on her back. Morgan has only ever been alone and never really worked as part of a team.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Quick Wit
+ Survival Instincts
+ Natural Mechanic

= Dubious Morals
= No Filter
= Fights Dirty

- Small Stature
- Not Great at making Friends
- Physically Weak
Ambitions Move up in the world. All Morgan remembers in her life is the street, the fighting to survive and just the day to day of hiding from one thug or another. Schemes here, schemes there, Morgan was always attempting to improve her lot in life however she could, whether it be by hook or by crook.
Hobbies & Interests Morgan loves and lives technology. As someone who tinkers with every bit of technology she can get her grubby hands on, Morgan has been pulling apart, putting back together and fixing things her whole life, because if there was one thing she learned, fixing and selling things would always be needed in this world.

Personal History Born only 3 years before the fall of Earth, Morgan doesn't remember much of her life before the age of 10. She knows she was born in Ireland. She knows her parents managed to flee Earth on one of the few evacuation ships that slipped through the Klingon lines. She knows her parents attempted to bring a life and light to the small part of the slums that they lived in, making their little patch of M-11 a better place. Morgan knows they were murdered by a drug lord who took offense to their attempts to bring a little bit of law and organization to an area that he felt was his and no one else's.

She still doesn't quite remember how she managed to sneak away from the day her parents died, knowing only that she did. From that point on though, she remembers clearly she was in it for herself and no one else. Morgan survived by no other means then stealing a multitude of different things. Wallets, personal computer devices, anything that held some kind of value and she could carry away easily. Soon though as she got older, Morgan began to take things that were broken, fixing them up and selling them. She pissed off a few people during those years, but always managed to give them the slip. Thanks to her small size she could fit into many places others couldn't, a multitude of hidey holes here and there.

Only one other person has ever come close to bringing light to her life, an old shop owner named Derek who bought and sold the things she stole and fixed up. Derek was gruff, angry and took nothing lightly or at their word, yet the old man somehow had a soft spot for the young girl.

Recently Morgan started to piss of people she shouldn't. The same drug lord that had once killed her parents had discovered Morgan. Her knack for technology, her physical appearance despite the caked in dirt. He had decided she needed to work for him and decided to send some of his boys to make some suggestions to Morgan. She didn't take too kindly to that and used her ace in the hole, an old school phaser she managed to snag from a refuse pile Starfleet didn't know a contractor was dumping into. Taking out most of the men with some wildly fired shots (no one had ever taught her to shoot after all), Morgan escaped to Derek's shop. In far more trouble than she ever knew, Derek used some connections and got Morgan into one of the few places she thought she'd never be.


There was no academy, no training, Morgan managed to slip into the ranks thanks to her skills and Derek's contacts. Whisked away to the lone working Starbase, Morgan has been tolling away, causing issues everywhere she went due to her own brash style.
Service Record 2380 - Enlisted - Starbase 11- Engineering Specialist