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All players are first encouraged to review our Character Creation Guide, which is found HERE.

-- Chief Helmsman
-- Chief Operations and Navigator
-- Junior Officers and Enlisted are Welcome!
-- Got an idea? Contact the GM on DISCORD.

Rank shall be determined by the Game Manager based upon a character's history and service record. It is recommended that you discuss a character concept prior to joining. To do so, please join our Discord server. Individuals expecting high ranks with their positions need not apply.

The USS Lexington exists in an alternate universe set 23 years following Season 1 of Star Trek Discovery. The Federation no longer exists and Starfleet is a shadow of its former self. Earth is occupied by the Klingon Empire. Traditional upbringings are not possible, and the Academy no longer exists. Normal rank advancements no longer exist, and will be determined by the Game Manager and Command Team based upon the bio that is presented. Individuals expecting high ranks with their positions need not apply.

The USS Lexington is a member of the 22nd Fleet. With its membership, all players are entitled to several rights and duties.
**Member Rights (Charter, Section 1, Subsection A)
**Member Duties (Bylaw #2, Subsection "Players")

RPG Rating 212
Language 2: Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations.
Sex 1: Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.
Violence 2: Explicit violence is permitted.

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