Posting Requirements

***All players must submit a minimum of 1 post every month. This includes Joint Points between players and participation on the "large" JP that the missions will usually consist of.


***At this point in the game, NPCs are not permitted. Future missions will allow players to create NPCs, and players will be notified as soon as the opportunity comes.

General Guidelines

1: This is a game. Have fun.

We're all here to have fun, and I want to encourage the maximum fun possible. This is why I only have a few rules. I don't ask much, so I'll say this as plain as I can: Have fun. If you find that you can't have fun with the crew of the Anura, then I wish you well on your gaming endeavors and it was nice to get to know you.

2: Don't step on anyone's toes. And don't write for anyone else.

We all come from different role-playing backgrounds, and these rules were created simply to minimize the confusion. With that in mind, the system that we use in our JPs (Joint Posts) is sometimes called the "tag" system. Someone adds their portion, and then says "tag." No more than one tag may be left per player in a post.

This also includes writing for the characters belonging to other players, including player-controlled NPCs. Writing for other players is NOT ACCEPTABLE, even if a JP has stalled due to non-response.

Should a writer "stall" in a JP, please first reach out to that player to see if there is an issue preventing them from participating. Please wait for up to 72 hours before reaching out. If the player still does not respond, please refer the issue up the chain of command as they will be able to advise you on how to proceed. Depending on the situation, you may be advised or allowed to seek alternative methods to continue/complete the JP.

3: No superhero characters.

Don't do my job if you're not the captain. Don't do the medic's job if you're not a medic. Don't do the engineer's job if you're not the engineer. It's simple. Just don't do it. We all contribute to finishing a mission, and we all attribute equally. If you come along and solve five different mission objectives in one post, you don't just ruin the mission, you cut off everyone else's chance to be involved, crush creativity, and you yourself will most likely be looking for a new game to join.

4: Acceptable Tag Lines

When tagging another player, use one of the following formats:

TAG Player?

In a tag, it is also appropriate to give the next player an indication of what you're thinking, or where you'd like the post to go. It is also appropriate for the person you're tagging to ignore that suggestion should they see fit.

When tagging multiple people in the same post, you must include that character's name in a tag.


I'm an easy-going, laid-back guy. I see my role as GM as this: I keep the game moving, and under control. If there's a long pause in the game (more than a couple of weeks), I take the liberty to give it a push, sometimes by stepping on a toe or two. If that happens, I'm sorry, but the game must go on. If there's a dispute, I'll settle it. Plot-wise, if I'm the one who comes up with the mission, I put all the pieces in place and I let go of the reins. It's OUR job to complete the mission, not my own. We're all in this together, and I love it when everyone contributes. There is great potential with this crew. I can't wait to see what happens, I really can't.