Syrial J'naii

Name Syrial J'naii

Position Chief Medical Officer


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Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species J'naii
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5’2”
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Syrial is a lean person, on the skinnier side of average. What little mass they do have is mostly muscle instead of fat. They are not particularly strong; or particularly pretty or handsome. Syrial is quite androgynous in appearance. They have short dark brown hair which is kept just a bit longer and messier than most J’naii after their time spent around other species. They have the distinctive forehead of a J’naii. While their face leans more towards feminine in appearance their body seems to be closer to that of a young man, with a flat chest. They look younger than they are.


Spouse Koren (43, male J’naii)
Other Family Sibyl’s parents are Soor and Jorai but they don’t use the terms mother and father on J’naii.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Syrial (pronounced like Cereal, which Syrial might joke about at times) is a J’naii. One of the most interesting things to them is the concept of gender found in other species. Despite being fairly well versed in the anatomy of it due to medical training, Syrial is still quite often confused about the cultural differences between the two - and often mixes them up. Unlike most J’naii, Syrial has embraced they/them pronouns. Although it isn’t an exact translation of their pronoun in their native language, J’naii has accepted that it is easier for humans and others to accept, rather than accidentally slipping into calling them a he or a she. Syrial also uses the last name J’naii for paperwork purposes, even though they don’t have a last name. They accidentally wrote that down when applying to join the academy and the name stuck. Because they’re usually the only J’naii around it works well enough.

Overall, Syrial is easily amused and fascinated, always kind. Truth be told, they have descended so far into pessimism and nihilism that it has looped back around into optimism and kindness. If nothing matters in life, why not just have fun? If you expect the ship to explode and kill everybody on it the minute any sort of alarm goes off it is a pleasant surprise when you are simply being shot at. Syrial is easily fascinated by things, especially inanimate objects and will tell others, in detail about their opinions on things. They are extremely open minded. Syrial lacks a bit of self confidence, and doesn’t want to take on too much responsibility. (In fact, Syrial is quite adverse to any sort of responsibility beyond their medical duties, in which they only have confidence through experience.) Therefore, they’ll sometimes act a bit less competent or serious than they really are. That, combined with their easy going nature and naivete about many of the other species due to the J’naii’s relative isolation makes them seem a bit airheaded at times. Syrial is terrified of death, though at times they might do risky things, almost as a way to challenge this fear.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Optimism
+Good at hugs
-Avoids responsibility
-Physically weak
Ambitions Syrial doesn’t have any grand ambitions. When Syrial left J’naii, they felt they had to be perfect. There was the J’naii’s reputation to uphold, after all - they were usually the first J’naii most people would meet, so they had to make a good first impression. That’s what Syrial told themselves, anyway. A more honest source of this perfectionism came from desperately wanting somebody (preferably their parents, but anybody would do) to be proud of them, while also being scared of having people rely on them. Once Syrial gave up on the goal of having a perfect image they gave up entirely, now just living day by day. Always a follower, never a leader.

Syrial does have a special interest in humans and Starfleet. They consider their short time with Starfleet one of the best times of their life. Not to mention that their parents’ inordinate fondness for humanity has rubbed off on them a bit.

Hobbies & Interests Honestly; a new one every week. Syrial is the master of picking up hobbies and then forgetting about them. One week it will be painting, one week it will be some instrument, one week it will be plants. The only hobbies that have stuck with them have been reading and playing the cello, though Syrial is honestly quite bad at the latter and doesn’t currently keep a cello with them.

Personal History In 2233 a Federation starship answered the distress signal of a small J’naii research ship that had malfunctioned. This wasn’t a remarkable meeting; not even the first time the humans and J’naii had met. But to the J’naii on the ship, that answer was a literal lifesaver. Two of the J’naii were especially touched: Jorai and Soor, the only married couple on the ship. Jorai was fascinated, beyond just being touched; they were the pilot of the ship and had taken up piloting to see the stars. To meet (what was to Jorai) such a caring race that seemed so keen on exploring and had travelled further than any J’naii had was amazing. It was Jorai that made the decision that Syrial would be part of that, even before they were born. Jorai and Soor didn’t realize that all their pressure and expectations might hurt Syrial; they just wanted their kid to achieve more and go further than they ever did.

In 2237, Syrial was born. They had a pretty average childhood, in the scheme of things. They were quite intelligent and tested well; always near the top of their class. Despite that, Syrial had no big goals, no ambitions beyond grades and making their parents proud. It was their parents, not them, that decided they had to join Starfleet. Jorai spent those years currying up favor with bureaucrats to try and get Syrial a place in the academy, and Syrial did their part with their grades. Syrial was okay with this. They tried their best and put their full effort forward.

Their best (and in rough times, only) friend throughout their childhood was named Koren. When the two were only one year away from graduation, Koren told Syrial that he felt male. Syrial, while not entirely approving of such, respected Koren’s wishes and helped him keep that fact a secret. The same year the two graduated, they got married. Not out of any sort of love; Syrial had no intentions of forming a relationship themselves. They were too busy with their schoolwork and planned to leave for Starfleet anyway. They mostly did this so that anybody who was starting to suspect what Koren was would have their suspicions diverted. The two remained close friends and lived together for that year while Syrial attempted to get into Starfleet academy but Koren kept all his own relationships with other J’naii who felt female.

When they were 19, Syrial left for Starfleet Academy. This involved more pressure on them than they ever felt in their life. Not only were they finally challenged for once academically, they felt like they had the whole image of the J’naii riding on their shoulders. Syrial was a picture of seriousness and a model student. They focused on the medical aspect of it all; partially out of a fascination with the strange, dimorphic appearances of most other races. That was one of the most memorable years of Syrial’s life and in that year they did well. They had good marks and grades and were developing new friendships. And for once, Jorai was truly proud.

All good things come to an end though, and Syrial’s time at the Academy was cut short. In 2257, Earth fell under attack and suffered a tragic loss. All that Syrial had hoped to be a part of was destroyed. Most of those new friends were dead; how many others were simply never heard from again? It was only through luck that Syrial (and their pet cat, named Cat) survived, taking refuge with others on one of the remaining federation starships (though at that time it no longer served a federation, it was simply on the run). Syrial convinced the ship to head to their homeworld; perhaps they might find refuge there, they told the others. Syrial just wanted to go home. They were still a kid at heart; and in the face of destruction, they just wanted their family.

The humans did not find refuge on J’naii. The J’naii were polite, but their cultures were too different and neither particularly wanted to adapt. The humans were treated as lesser, for being gendered. When the humans left, Syrial did not go with them. In the scheme of things, this was a small wound to heal. Syrial’s family was alive and safe here on J’naii. Any friends they had lost were fast friends, met only over a year, and Syrial had spent too much time focused on studies to grow close to any of them. In fact, this whole thing might have hurt Jorai more than it hurt Syrial. But Jorai was determined for their child to be among the stars, and Syrial didn’t have it in them to disagree with that.

Because Syrial had focused on medicine in that one year, Jorai decided their new, almost convoluted scheme, to get them back out in space on a better vessel than what the J’naii had to offer (Jorai simply wouldn’t settle for that) was with the inter-species medical exchange. Syrial simply had to become a doctor. Compared to everything else they had gone through, that didn’t seem like an insurmountable obstacle. And perhaps it was good for Syrial to have some time back home to recover. In only a couple months, Syrial had returned to that same ambitious, eager to please, studious young adult they were back at the academy. Besides; this would all look great on a med school resume, right?

Syrial spent the next seven years studying medicine and working their medical residency. In that time, they become closer to their husband, Koren. The two resumed living together. Koren continued to have his other relationships, and there was no place for jealousy in such a construed marriage. But the two began to grow genuinely close to each other. Compared to all the humans, even Koren seemed pretty androgynous (despite Syrial’s attempts to not think of him in such a way). And Syrial’s time off planet, now wearing their hair longer and bringing back some human idioms, made them seem exotic and feminine to Koren. Both Koren and Syrial were a bit uncomfortable with how attracted to each other they were, but it was how it was and with good communication their relationship grew stronger than ever - perhaps into something that might truly be considered love. It was only that seed of discomfort that made the two so willing to drift apart when Syrial finally left J’naii for good. Syrial did well in medical school, taking it upon themselves to study other species as well in preparation for the inter-species medical exchange.

Syrial’s first few years in the inter-species medical exchange were relatively uneventful. They spent two years on a Kreetassan ship. It was a bit difficult to follow all their cultural customs though; so Syrial was glad when an opening came up on a Vissian ship. Although Vissians rarely ventured far from their home, they were peaceful. They spent many calm, long years travelling with the Vissian ship; and if the Vissians had travelled further it would’ve been the perfect position, according to Jorai.

It was on the Vissian ship that Syrial caught news of the Confederation of Worlds. Starfleet; attempting to reclaim what was lost. A part of Syrial had already sort of assumed that the humans were done for; hearing about this, though… Syrial couldn’t just let this opportunity go to waste. Maybe it was curiosity; maybe it was a bit of loyalty to Starfleet left over. Maybe it was a final, last-ditch effort to see if they would finally make their parents proud. The Vissians had found a mercenary ship - the Dragon. It was not a very impressive ship, but among its crew were a few humans. They spoke of trying to slip back into Earth, and the Confederation of Worlds was but a rumor to them. They needed medical help. That’s what Syrial told themselves, the Vissians, and the inter-species medical exchange. They had implied they would only stay until everybody on the ship was treated, but they ended up staying for two years, growing close with the crew. Their ambition, training and in some cases, ruthlessness made them both admired and respected. They felt the crew on the Dragon was their responsibility. Back on Earth, they just ran away, back to J’naii. Here was their chance to make a stand, and they decided that they would die doing so, if need be. After all - what parent wouldn’t be proud of a child that sacrificed themselves for their parents’ cause? Syrial went out of their way to take on every danger they could, so the rest of the crew didn’t have to.

Of course there came that one person that Syrial couldn’t save. In their case, it was a human woman named Agatha Black and, luckily for their medical career, not a patient. Agatha was madly in love with Syrial. Syrial was not in love with Agatha; they simply weren’t attracted to gendered people. Syrial felt some guilt for not reciprocating that affection, but even more guilt once she died to save Syrial. When threatened by a Klingon ship, Syrial was planning to sacrifice themselves: to take the escape pod and make a diversion for the rest of the crew to escape. They had it all planned out. Agatha took those plans and carried them out herself. By the time Syrial knew what had happened, they were already safely away, and Agatha was dead.

Syrial felt like they had failed all the expectations of the J’naii. Agatha might not have been a patient, but she was a friend, and Syrial considered themselves in part responsible for her death. Syrial threw away all their ambitions and spent the next year in life on the Dragon just plodding along trying to find themselves. They finally did, behind a shield of overt positivity. The shield is not perfect: Syrial doesn’t believe themselves worthy of trust or responsibility, and is still terrified of the concept of death. By the time they finally found Starbase 11, they had already grown used to this mentality and facade and so this new, easy-going, slightly airheaded J’naii was the only one that everyone in M-11 met.

When they arrived at Starbase 11 in 2277, they were greeted with warmth. The base would have been happy with anybody with so much medical experience at this point, not to mention somebody who had spent so much time on ships and even had a bit of training from the old Academy. There, Syrial re-applied for the Inter-species exchange and was reaccepted back into the program, despite their two years of absence. Still, Syrial just followed orders and it was orders that brought them to the USS Lexington.
Service Record 2256-2257: Starfleet Academy
2257-2264: J’naii Institute of Medicine & Residency
2264-2266: (Inter-species exchange) Doctor on the Kreetassan ship Oakfelt
2266-2275: (Inter-species exchange) Doctor on the Vissian ship Metlik
2275-2277: Medic on the mercenary ship Dragon
2277-2280: (Inter-species exchange) Medical Officer on Starbase 11
2280: (Inter-species exchange) Chief Medical Officer on the USS Lexington