Posted on 21 Apr 2021 @ 12:50pm by Captain Martin Collins & Commander Roscoe Mayhew & Lieutenant Harlow Harcrow & Lieutenant Talia sh'Ahrazad & Lieutenant Lynn Tayler & Senior Chief Petty Officer Alanna Morrison & Kibyr & Syrial J'naii & Chief Petty Officer Christopher Cooper

Mission: Waving The Flag
Location: Multiple
Timeline: July 20, 2280 || 1200 hours

===[Andorian Escort]===

As the engineering detail worked quickly to stabilize the Andorian spacecraft, klaxons began to sound throughout the engineering compartment. A voice then came over the loudspakers, "Battlestations! All hands to battlestations."

"What?" said an Andorian engineer. "Not yet with the battles!" He ran to the nearest console and brought up the engine controls.

Looking up from her work when the klaxons went off, Lynn swore, rather loudly. "Team, keep working but be ready for anything!" She then looked to the engineer who spoke up. "We'll keep working but looks like we had less time than we originally thought."

Otaran looked over to the pink skin female. "Obviously. Let's just see what we can get done while we push the limits of what we just finished. And hope it doesn't break again. Filthy Klingons..."

"Agree with that last statement right now," Lynn mumbled as she kept working. "Hopefully these repairs hold!"

"Good. Now let's test the first of them," said Otaran. "Standing by for initial power up. Whenever you're ready..."

Nodding, Lynn did a quick double-check. "Okay, power it up. Everyone watch out for more flying sparks from consoles!"

===[USS Lexington Bridge]===

"Battlestations!" Marty cried out, sliding into the vacant seat beside Harcrow. With Mayhew gone, and his senior staff too spread out, the only fingers he trusted on the trigger were his own. "Reroute weapons control to the forward station, phasers only. Helm, put us inbetween the Klingon vessel and the Andorians. We're not going to let them cause more damage while they burn in space."

"Aye sir!"

Harlow was on it, quickly trying to fit them between the Klingons and the Andorians. He knew the risks and the hits they were about to take but it was the only way forward. He could only hope for the best as he increased the throttle. "Increasing throttle and thrusters now."

===[USS Lexington, Sickbay]===

"You have got to be kidding me," Alanna shouted when the klaxons and call to battle stations happened. She dropped a tool she was using on the biobed and found her communicator.

"Morrison to Bridge, any requests for medical?" she asked, having no idea what was currently going outside of the sickbay walls.

"None as of yet," the Captain's voice came back over the communications panel. "Remain on standby."

"I'll try and get up to the bridge as soon as I can," Alanna said, sounding frustrated.

===[Klingon Ship]===

A squad of four Security officers beamed aboard the Bird of Prey with phaser rifles at the ready.

"Move!" Mayhew ordered.

No orders were needed other than that. The Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) was trained specifically for tactical blitzes such as this one. The three other officers spread out to cover and called out their zones of fire.

"Zone 1 clear!"

"Zone 2 clear!"

"Zone 3 clear!"

Mayhew grinned. "On me!" Typically fire team leaders took the middle position, but there were mitigating factors in play here. Namely, Mayhew was no pantywaist and he was out for Klingon blood.

The cloaking device was a secondary objective. Finding Cooper and the greenbean was the one and only priority until that was accomplished. And, naturally, the Klingon brig was adjacent to everything from their armory to their dormitory. Such warships were built for military expediency, not for size or creature comforts.

It did not take long, then, for them to encounter resistance.

"Give them hell!" Mayhew shouted as he took a forward defensive position in search of the door to where his compatriots were being held.

And there was a firefight! Mayhew couldn't hold back a savage chortle of delight at the carnage. His HRT specialists did not expose themselves for long nor did they waste a moment. They rotated each shot in a constant rhythm to ensure there were no gaps in the fireline which a brave Klingon could leverage and advance against them. One Klingon warrior after another dropped until the kill zone became nearly impassable.

One of the Klingons armed a sonic grenade, but Mayhew clipped him at the shoulder. The grenade fell to the Klingon's feet and laid there just long enough for the enemy to process what had happened.

"GET DOWN!" Mayhew shouted to his men.

Bodies flew against bulkheads in an explosive force that cleared the corridor of what had been a meaty obstruction that was now more decorative than anything else.

"HRT Bravo on me. Charlie, Delta, covering fire!"

As Alpha, Mayhew led "Bravo" through the exposed door across from the crew's quarters which was marked with the Klingon characters for RESTRICTED. Charlie and Delta covered their advance and maintained defensive positions for extraction.

"Cooper!" Mayhew called out. "Kale stem! Make some noise!"

"It's about time," came a voice down the hall, sounding clearly annoyed.

"Make your mouth useful and give me a sit-rep!" Mayhew called out from cover. "How many jailors? What are their schedules? Any countermeasures outside your cell? Is Cooper with you?"

"Yea, he's here with me," Kibyr said, glancing back at the man.

Two things had happened to Christopher, the first thing was the chief had been slowly spraying a compound known as Thaxial-12 a lubricant found only in non klingon medical devices to act as a tracer as to where he was in case the klingon at the door had murdered him, the second was he hurt. Left shoulder and his right eye were blurred. He could taste blood.

Coop gave a solid knock. "one jailer.. countermeasure unless you count the explosion that tore the deck open none as far as I could tell.. least half a dozen security on this deck. But there is one in scarlet... seems to be the leader.. No idea where he is."

Cooper tried to stand. he felt his artifical leg bucklle.

Throwing a fist in the air and moving it in a circle, Mayhew advanced forward with his backup in tow.

"Blow the door control," Mayhew ordered.

Yes, a technician could have overridden it somehow, but they were on the clock. Speed over finesse.

After applying a low-yield charge to the door mechanism, a loud boom left a smoldering crater in the wall.

"Help me pry it open!"

Mayhew and his backup stood opposite one another and pulled the door apart. Inside they saw their hostages.

"Can you walk?" Mayhew asked the both of them.

Kibyr nodded in response.

Cooper motioned at the traces of blue liquid in different spots, "I was leaving a trail to follow. I can't walk unless you got a new hydraulic tube and and some fluid. My plan was to make us traceable if somebody had figured out to look for leg fluid.."

He let out a grunt and tried to stand up. "Yeah supporting me is one thing the leg can do moving is another. Somebody who can do a fireman assist ? I should be okay.. and... Careful with the equipment klingons love detonators and to trap things." The Chief tried to warn.

Kibyr walked towards Cooper, sliding an arm under his shoulder and helping him to stand. "I got you," he said as the two walked slowly towards the entrance. "We're getting out of here."

===[USS Lexington Bridge]===

The bridge shuddered from a weapons impact. "Shields at eighty percent!" shouted a technician at a station placed well behind Captain Collins. The Klingon vessel still had thrusters, and it had turned at the Lexington in hopes to land a critical shot or two. The vessel, however, was still turning.

"They're going for the Andorians," Marty muttered. "Harcrow, adjust our position between the Klingons and the Andorians. Cover as much of their targeting array as you can with our saucer."

Harlow really wasn't enjoying being rattled around, not like this. Shuttles he certainly could handle but this? This was a different level entirely. He hissed through his teeth as he spared a passing glance behind him. "On it, Cap'n!" His eyes were darting between his console and the view screen.

The Lexington's angle would keep them from using torpedoes, but at least Marty still had the dorsal phaser banks. The Klingons were lighting up the Lexington's shields with their barrage, hoping to destroy their foe. Marty's targets were limited. If he disarmed the Klingon ship, then they would self-destruct in dishonor. If he pressed too far, then he risked killing Mayhew's boarding party. And the ship's shields would have to come down the moment the away team was ready, and in that moment, the Lexington would have to take damage.

Marty just hoped this would be worth it.

His eyes caught something on the sensors. The Andorian vessel was powering up its weapons and its engines. Marty's eyes widened in surprise. "Don't you dare," he muttered. "Hail the Andorians. Tell them to stand down. We have people over there!"

Harlow was keeping one eye on the console and the other on the viewscreen, his teeth gritted together as he needed to focus. One wrong manuever, the Klingons or Andorians could have a shot at one another and that was the last thing either side needed eight now. "They better hold their fire...."

===[Andorian Escort]===

"Captain!" Talia exclaimed, "Communication from the pink skins. They are ordering us to stand down. They say they have people over on the Klingon vessel. Orders?"

The Andorian captain frowned. He was still appalled, and slightly impressed, that the human vessel was using itself to shield both Andorian vessels. This little escort, still on fire from the last attack, was in no condition to do anything other than ram that Klingon vessel.

"We hold," the Captain sneered. "But if that pink skin sits there forever, we will take the Klingons out ourselves."

Talia nodded. "Andorian vessel holding," she sent back. "For now."

===[Klingon Ship]===

Kibyr, holding up Cooper, walked towards the entrance of their cell. "What's the plan, May-day? How're we getting off of here?"

Assessing the situation, Mayhew was a little worried about their secondary objective. Carrying a wounded man to safety was no way to push forward and do anything extra. But... orders were orders.

"We need to secure the cloaking device. If it cannot be retrieved, then we need to disable it before leaving. Without that advantage, the Klingons will be less concerned with fighting and more concerned with fleeing or surrendering." Looking at the young Orion, Mayhew asked, "Do you know anything about Klingon cloaking technology? Ideally we can disconnect it and tag it for an easy transporter lock along with the rest of us."

"I can help disconnect it, shouldn't be too hard," Kibyr said. "But honestly, I know very little about it. I'm a scientist, I have very little experience with the technology."

Mayhew nodded. "Hard way it is. All we know is it must be somewhere near their engineering section. My Klingonese is a little rusty... could you point the way?"

Kibyr just looked at the man. "Yes, because I have the entire specifications for all Klingon ships just tucked away in my brain." He rolled his eyes and started to walk down the corridor back the way Mayhew had come. "Let's get this one back to the Lexington and we can figure it out."

"PETA'Q!" shouted a deep voice in front of Kibyr, as a Klingon armed with a bat'leth appeared from around the corner and charged the boarders.

Pushing the injured Engineer off his shoulder to the ground, Kibyr ducked, staying as far away from the blade as possible.

The Klingon's blade sliced the air, striking the metal floor plating and producing sparks as a result. He cursed as he brought his blade back up, preparing to strike a new target. Behind this Klingon, another one emerged from around the corner, firing a disruptor at the cluster of humans.

Mayhew grunted when he saw two of the three HRT specialists on the ground in puddles of their own blood. The sight made him begin to see red at the fringes of his vision. No wonder they hadn't warned the rest of the team. Training kicked in, helping him overcome the rush of adrenaline, but there was one thing that could not be denied. This meant blood for blood.

Sidestepping the bat'leth's second swing, Mayhew stomped his foot on the back of the handle to pin it to the ground. Then he fired the handheld phaser he'd held at the ready into the second Klingon's center mass. The first Klingon tried to pull his bat'leth free from Mayhew's weight, but after two unsuccessful he withdrew a daqtagh from behind his back.

The Klingon let out a snarl as he attempted to slash Mayhew open across the middle. Unfortunately for him, the attack fell wide before it could be completed. Mayhew, on the other hand, needed both hands to remove his boot knife which he'd lodged inside the Klingon's left eye.

"Too slow, shit-eater."

Mayhew wiped the blade clean before returning it to the hidden sheath against his ankle. His adversary's remaining eye twitched in attempts to blink before falling over. After claiming the daqtagh as a trophy, Mayhew looked to his remaining specialist.

"Take the gimp and the others--" Mayhew nodded at the corpses of the two slain HRT specialists. "--back to the Lexington. Me and sprout will secure the cloaking device."

The last remaining member of HRT-1 nodded. "Aye, Commander." He handed his weapon to Kibyr and lifted Cooper in a fireman's carry over his shoulders on his way to where his fallen comrades lied. In a moment, the four of them were whisked away by the transporter.

"On me," Mayhew said to Kibyr before heading back to the central corridor in search of the engine room and the prize it contained.

Taking the weapon, Kibyr looked at it strangely, then looked back up at Mayhew. "I'm a scientist, not a soldier. I've never fired a weapon before."

"Then I'll pour one out at your funeral." Mayhew stopped at the intersection and turned around. "Either we follow the captain's orders or you can tell him you were too big of a pussy to pull your weight. What's it going to be?" Not waiting for a reply, Mayhew continued his search for the engine room.

Kibyr sighed, holding the rifle awkwardly as he followed Mayhew through the doorway.

===[USS Lexington Bridge]===

"Captain!" called out the ginger-haired woman at the science station. "Sensors are picking up three contacts. Klingon warp signatures!"

"Dammit," Marty cursed. The situation just had to get worse, didn't it? "Signal the Andorians. They're going to have to help with our new friends. And signal Mayhew. Tell him to get his ass moving!"

"Signal from the away team!" shouted the comms officer. "Part of Mayhew's team is ready for transport."

Marty cursed once more. It should have been the whole team, not part of it. He could only hope that Mayhew knew exactly what he was doing. But he couldn't just drop those shields and raise them. The Klingons would start to suspect something. No, he'd have to toy with them for a while. "Helm, we're going to have to keep moving. I'm going to drop the shields and reduce phaser power by twenty-five percent."

The Captain felt the stares in his back as he started to make the adjustments. "Yeah, I know," he muttered. He was going to have some choice words with Mayhew later.

===[Andorian Vessel]===

"Captain," said Talia, "The humans say they're going to need our help with the Klingons." I wonder who's really saving who at this point she thought to herself.

The Andorian Captain scowled. "Battlestations!" he hissed. "Engine room. Give me everything you've got!"

"Of course that's what they ask..." Lynn looked over at the Andorian engineers and her team, "You heard him! Let's do this!"

===[Klingon Ship]===

When they found the engine room, it was in a full state of disarray. Klingon technicians were pulling out panels, pounding fists against consoles, and filling the air with guttural profanity. It was music to Mayhew's ears. All of it.

"All right, so we have to assume they're all armed," Mayhew said to Kibyr opposite the doorway from him. "As much as I'd relish another bloodbath, I think we need stealth. Time is almost up. Do you see anything that might point us in the right direction?"

Kibyr pointed into the room, "There's a device on the far side of the room that has a label on it," he said. "It clearly says it's the cloaking device. Perhaps that's what we're looking for?"

"Must be," Mayhew said. "If I tag it for a transporter lock without uninstalling it somehow, what are the odds it will get ripped apart in the process?"

"I'd say pretty likely?" Kibyr said with a shrug. "I think you're supposed to disconnect things before you start moving them around. Unless our transporter people have the ability to carve out portions of the deck and bring that with as well."

"You really are one brilliant cucumber!" Mayhew grinned and reassessed the layout of the engine room with a new idea in mind. "Alright, here's the plan. You crawl down in there and mark off the four corners of the device for the transporter to get a clean lock. I'll get their attention and keep it away from you. When the Lexington beams the device into the cargo bay, you go along with it. I'll stay here and draw their fire until the package is delivered. Got it?"

As Mayhew and Kibyr secretly plotted, the Klingons continued to affect emergency repairs to their ship. One Klingon reported that as soon as the secondary power feeds were reconnected, the ship would again have impulse power.

This was a bad idea, Kibyr could feel it. Risky and dangerous, just the way Mayhew wanted it. If he didn't know any better, Kibyr would almost think Mayhew wanted it this way. But who would ever have such a death wish?

"Alright, I see another entrance on the far side, a few meters from the device," Kibyr said, pointing to the left wall. "Once I hear you making a commotion, I'll slip in and set the perimeter." The Orion looked at Mayhew. "How will you get back?"

"Whenever the transporter chief gets the chance to beam me out too," Mayhew said. "Now move! Time's tickin'."

===[USS Lexington, Sickbay]===

Five columns of red light appeared in the center of the triage area, all of which quickly disappeared, leaving behind five armed Klingons. The Klingon Captain had indeed decided to use every advantage with the Lexington's shields being down. If he couldn't blast the ship to pieces, then they'd tear it apart from the inside out.

The Klingons each locked eyes with members of the medical staff, screamed, and charged.

Syrial took no shame in their fear, but beyond being a doctor... well, this wasn't their first time seeing a battle. Their last ship wasn't exactly a pleasure liner. The doctor spun behind the nearest biobed, putting an incapacitated Andorian between them and the Klingon.

Good thing J'naii didn't have a Hippocratic oath.

"I am a coward and I don't deserve a death in combat," the CMO muttered in a loud monotone, inwardly freaking out. What had they expected? They knew where this was going, they knew the human's relationship with the Klingons. But still... this was the sickbay! Where had the Klingons come from? Was this related to the red alert earlier?

As Syrial edged towards the med bay controls they rose a shaking hand towards their comm badge. "Help. Klingons in sickbay." They kept it short and sweet, removing their hand and placing it over the med bay controls. There was a quarantine field, right? They had spent so much time going over the equipment here that it should be second nature to them. A quarantine field. Trap in the Klingons. Stop them from reaching other parts of the ship, maybe other parts of the med bay, Syrial wasn't quite sure how it worked, or if it even worked. They'd never used it yet, but their hand hovered over it as a last resort.

Syrial's call for help was heard, but only three security officers plunged into sickbay. Phaser fire was immediately ignited, but only one Klingon succumbed to it. Three of the Klingons charged the security officers, slashing their bat'leths as they did so. One crewman lost a hand while another received a nice slash across their chest.

The fourth Klingon, however, continued to pummel towards the J'naii, seeing an opportunity for a unique kill.

Syrial muttered some curses in their native language, ducking down under the biobed, just barely peeking above the counter for the controls. They slammed down on the quarantine field button, looking for any option that might but some kind of barrier between themselves and the Klingons.

The quarantine field went up just in time, separating Syrial, a couple Andorian patients, and some of the medical staff from the Klingons. The one that had been chasing the J'naii slashed multiple times at the forcefield, hoping to overload it.

Meanwhile, additional security arrived, in the form of two more officers. One of the other three Klingons was quickly subdued, but the other two switched their blades for disruptors and shifted their tactics to a firefight.

Alanna heard the commotion from a storage room and came back to the room, unfortunately not behind the forcefield that the doctor had erected. It was lucky for him that she had not witnessed his cowardice or she would have certainly reported it to the Captain and recommend he be tossed from the ship.

She drew her phaser and knelt down waiting for an opening and she fired at the highest stun setting directly at the Klingon's chest where she was sure the heart would be. When the Klingon hit the deck she moved and took cover behind another biobed. She slowly made her way around to try and get to the other side of the forcefield that would allow her to take the Klingon out going for the doctor and some of the Andorian patients.

There were only two Klingons left now, one still engaging security, and the other trying to tear down the forcefield with his bat'leth. The one left in the firefight shouted at the bladed warrior, calling him to his aid. The slashing on the forcefield stopped, and flanking fire on the Lexington's security force began.

Alanna moved again with the Klingons focused on the security team she moved quickly and loudly changing her phaser to kill she aimed for their torsos and fired at both of them. They dropped to the deck with wounds cauterized from the burning in their backs. She turned and looked around at the damage in the sickbay she knew that patients they'd worked hard to keep alive would be dead or injured over or past help. She kept sweeping around looking for other Klingons. "Sickbay is clear!" she yelled.

===[Andorian escort]===

"The Klingon reinforcements have arrived," the Andorian Captain remarked, spotting the three warp bursts on the viewscreen. "sh'Ahrazad, target the lead vessel. Helm, give me everything you've got."

"I guess it's now or never," she said. "We're locked on to the lead Klingon ship. Ready to fire."

The Andorian helmsman followed his captain's orders and put all that he had into the engines. And then some. "Bringing us around for maximum weapons coverage."

"Fire!" shouted the Captain.

Talia moved her hands over the controls. "With everything we have!" The ship's weapons opened up on the Klingon ship.

Phasers and torpedoes shot forth from the escort's turrets, exploding across the Klingon shields. Its port engine and strut buckled under the pressure before disintegrating under a massive burst. The rest of the ship lost power and began to spin out of control.

The other two ships, however, turned on the Andorian vessel and opened fire.

Sparks few in engineering as the Andorian ship took damage. An entire console, one already in jeopardy of disintegrating, burst apart at the seams, showering debris and sparks all throughout the engine room.

Lynn jumped back, "Damnit! Can we keep everything running with all this?!" She knew they were in more trouble than she was letting on to her team, but she was trying to not say it out loud. Though, at this point, they likely knew it too.

"We lost the warp drive!" shouted an engineer. "Main power is holding, but we won't be able to take much more of this."

Similar reports were shouted on the bridge. The Andorian Captain knew the cause was lost, and he was relieved that he could do exactly what he wanted to do, and that was go down with a fight. "All hands!" he cried out. "Abandon ship." He rushed up to the helm, planning to set a collision course with the nearest Klingon vessel.

From the bridge, Talia quickly put the Captain's order out to the rest of the ship. 'All hands abandon ship' sounded throughout every corridor of the Andorian vessel and down in the engineering section.

"What in the..." trailed off Otaran, after the console he was working out sparked and shut down. "Warp drive gone and now this. At least we gave them a punch in the side. And hopefully when this antimatter explodes, it'll give those Klingons something to think about." He looked at the Starfleet in the room. "Okay pink skins, escape pods are there, there, there, and there."

"Everyone, escape pods, on the double!" Tayler grabbed up anything that was her's and waited until all the rest of the team was where they needed to be before she would go towards one of the pods. "You too!" She called to Otaran.

Otaran didn't have eto be told twice. He jumped into the same pod as Tayler to escape the burning wreckage that was the Andorian escort vessel.

===[Klingon Engine Room]===

Mayhew gave Kibry all of thirty seconds to get into position. While it wasn't much time to run all that way, it was all that could be spared. They were already on borrowed time.


Strolling in almost casually, phaser rifle carried at the hip, Mayhew shouted at the nearest Klingon. Many an hour had been spent in front of a mirror preparing for such an opportunity.

"Hab SoSlI’ Quch!" (Your mother has a smooth forehead!)

And then he opened fire, dropping two Klingons before he was forced to take defensive cover. As suppressive fire began to rain down on his position, Mayhew grumbled to himself. "Cabbage-patch better make it count..."

Hearing the commotion before he even reached the door, Kibyr walked faster, opening the door as quietly as he could. He poked his head into the space, ducking as he saw phaser fire going both ways in the front of the room. Just as expected, the area at the back of the space was completely clear of Klingons, who were now all focused on the intruder before them.

He slipped through the opening, crouching along the way towards the cloaking device. It was much smaller than he would have anticipated, taking up space about half his size. He pulled out the four transport devices and clasped them to the deck about half a meter out in each diagonal direction. Making sure they were all one and connected, he flipped open his communicator.

"Kibyr to Lexington, get this device out of here now," he said. "And take a wide gap around it. I don't want the device, or myself, cut in half."

There was no response but a few moments later, the area was transported out, leaving a gaping hold in the floor where the deck used to be.

"That's right, you sons of bitches!" Mayhew shouted as he jumped up and performed running fire to the next point of cover. "We took your cloak! Next we'll take back what's ours! Qo'nos was just the beginning!" Leaving caution to the wind, Mayhew let out a war cry and began firing indiscriminately. "WE'RE COMING FOR IT ALL, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!"

===[USS Lexington, Transporter Room]===

On the large transporter pad, the Klingon technology and Kibyr appeared. The Orion stepped down from the deck plating he was standing on and walked towards the Transporter Chief.

"Mayhew is still over there, you've got to get him out," he said.

"There's some interference," the Chief stated. "I'm having a hard time separating his signatures from the Klingons."

"I don't care if you have to bring the entire group, get our man back!"

The Chief looked at Kibyr, slightly unnerved by the raised voice. But nodded and went to work. It took a few more minutes of effort but the Chief was finally able to hone in on Mayhew specifically.

"I got him, sir," the Chief stated as he began the transport.

A moment passed and soon Commander Mayhew was standing on the transport pad.

Kibyr took a deep breath as he walked towards the man, "Glad you're alright," he said, extending his hand towards him.

The smoldering rifle fell from Mayhew's limp arm, half-disintegrated by a Klingon disruptor blast. His sleeve fared little better, though it took the brunt of the burns that would've otherwise peeled the skin from his limb. Blood on his face and matted into his hair, breathing heavy, burns from grazes that nearly killed him, Mayhew was grinning ear to ear like a virgin sailor at the whorehouse.

"I'm better than alright," Mayhew said through gritted teeth, his expression a manic one mixed with pain and ecstasy. "I'm fuckin' dandy!"

And then he collapsed to the floor with a winded, maniacal chuckle in his mouth.

===[Lexington Bridge]===

"Message from the Transporter Room!" called out the communications officer. "Kibyr and Mayhew are back aboard, along with some cargo!"

"Good enough for me," muttered Collins. "Helm, bring us about, attack pattern alpha."

As soon as the Lexington swung around, Marty unleashed a volley of three photon torpedoes. Each explosive device found their marks, resulting in the destruction of the crippled Klingon ship. The Lexington's manuever also put the rest of the Klingon reinforcements directly in its path and targeting arc.

"Are those... escape pods?" Marty asked, seeing a bunch of smaller items ejecting from the Andorian escort.

"Confirmed," said the communications officer. "Our damage control team is aboard them, and the escort has set a collision course with one of the Klingon vessels."

Marty scoffed and grinned, quickly targeting the forward phasers on the new arrivals. As soon as the banks were brought back up to full power, he discharged both forward banks on the vessel not being targeted by the escort. Marty also unleashed three torpedoes to aid the assault. Moments later, the Lexington's target was destroyed, and the escort had collided with the remaining Klingon vessel. Nothing from either ship was left behind to salvage.

"Stand down red alert," Marty ordered. "Beam all of the Andorian survivors and our people back aboard. It's time we got out of here."

===[Transporter Room]===

Talia, still caught off guard by the sudden transport, rematerialized on the Lexington's transporter pad. She had to get back to Andoria and her regular station somehow. And these pink skins seemed eager enough to take her and the rest of the survivors on board. Hopefully they'd get them all back soon. But for now, she was most likely relegated to their medical exams and interrogations and so on. The dainty Andorian sighed as she was escorted out of the transporter room.

The fight was over, and the time to pick up the pieces had begun.