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Waking Up

Posted on 18 Mar 2021 @ 3:08am by Captain Martin Collins & Chief Petty Officer Christopher Cooper & Kibyr

Mission: Waving The Flag
Location: Unknown
Timeline: July 20, 2280 || 1145 hours

Kibyr groaned as he started to regain consciousness. A throbbing pain pulsed from his temples as he tried to recall what happened. The last thing he remembered, he and Cooper had been ambushed by Klingons, though he wasn't sure what happened after that.

He attempted to open his eyes, sharp pains coursing through his system as the bright lights assaulted his senses. After a few moments of adjustment, Kibyr looked around, his eyes landing on Cooper who was awake and looking at him.

"What happened?" Kibyr asked, his voice gravelly and hoarse.

Coop was tying off a strip of uniform for a bandage and had applied it to his own arm.

"Fraggling klings jump us. I think I tripped the security signal. You haven't missed much. Just me saying my name, homeworld and that I am a patriot. They took special care to make sure you weren't too smacked around. I don't know why? Unless they are verifying you are part of the Orion Syndicate or not?" Coop asked.

"Would be a bad day for them if I was," Kibyr said as he struggled to sit up against the wall. He groaned slightly as he moved, his hand pressed against his side. "You say they took extra care, but it certainly doesn't feel that way."

"Worst part is I gave name rank and serial number, I got time with an agonizer." Coop said. He sighed and tore a long strip off his uniform sleeve, then picked up the pillow frpm his slab.

"Looks like they bruised your ribs. I am no doctor but I can make it more comfortable? Besides I told them that you were hired help so I didnt know who you were. That was all they got from me." He added.

Kibyr waved his hand, indicating he didn't need help. "What else did they ask about me?" he asked, studying the Chief's face for any sign of deception. "I'm sure they didn't abduct us for their curiosity."

Coop sighed, "Something about wanting to fight humans again, shocked more.. Asked if you were part of the syndicate.. NRS... Wanted me to confirm if you were a merc or a member of fleet again Name Rank and serial, by this time I thought somethin' in me had been cooked. Then he yanked the agonizer out of my arm and the guards took their sweet time bringing me back. I got my face introduced to several bulkheads on the way back. I think they are trying to make sure you aren't working for them?"

An uneasy feeling settled in Kibyr's stomach. He had a feeling he knew what this was about, though he wasn't ready to admit it. "Do you have anything on you?" he asked.

Coop searched his jumpsuit. He turned out his pockets, the only thing that he had on him were his holotags and a few ball bearings. He then rubbed his leg. Chewed his lips and spoke.

"Two ball bearings, one cybernetic leg and my tags. They took the toolkit. Its in a security locker down the hall from us."

Kibyr also patted himself down, slowly so as not to move too much. As he anticipated, he found nothing on his person. "Alright, we need to find a way to talk to the Lex, if we're still in range. Did you happen to see anything important outside of this cell?"

"Agonizer booth and at least three other cells. There is a security station down the end of the hall.." He rubbed his head.

"If I didn't think the hull was neutronium composite we could send a signal using my legs power pack and a tricorder or communicator. But those are two things we don't have." He clutched his face some more.

"If you have a bit of metal on you I could try to break open that panel over there and see what we couldn't cobble together?" Coop asked.

Mulling it over, Kibyr stood and gently walked over towards the forcefield door. "Hab SoSlI’ Quch" he yelled, hoping a guard would hear him.

To his luck, a gruff Klingon stepped out of the shadows, bringing his face close to the forcefield. "Don't make me come in there, puny Orion," he said, his voice gruff and gravelly.

Kibyr chuckled, "You wouldn't hurt me. Your Captain needs me alive, and I think you know why. Tell him to come down here and talk to me."

"Somebody with a forehead so smooth wouldn't come in here. He is too afraid. Maybe he should drink root beer with a scoop of yummy, yummy ice cream?" Coop said trying to be as antagonistic as possible.

Glaring back at the Chief, Kibyr made a face that he hoped the other man would understand as asking him to stay out of this.

A moment later, the Klingon Captain revealed himself to the prisoners. "What does this Orion p'tahk want? To plead for his life?"

Kibyr's eyes met the Captain's. "My life isn't valuable enough to plead for, nor am I such a coward."

The Captain growled at the green-skinned excuse for a man. "You will tell us what we want to know, and then you will die, p'tahk."

"I'm very intelligent, but I can't read minds," Kibyr said, crossing his arms. "You haven't asked me a question, so how am I supposed to tell you anything?"

The Klingon sneered. "Why are you on the human vessel?" he demanded. "We know what you've done for the House of Kor, and now you dishonor them with even just talking to these worldkillers."

"The worldkillers are starting to venture out into the stars. I think you of all people can understand why someone would want to be aware of what they're doing," Kibyr stated. He leaned in closer, lowering his voice. "I haven't seen anything of concern yet, but if I do, it's better to have me in their good graces than not."

The Captain grunted and punched the forcefield. The impact area shone red and hissed upon the moment of impact. "You haven't been concerned?" he growled. "The humans find a starship, one from the top of their line, and you don't show a concern. What technology have you shared with them?"

Kibyr hardened his jaw, glaring at the man. "I haven't shared anything with them. I'm not in that business any more, Kor." Kibyr sighed, "My brother tried to take the Lexington for himself, the Humans killed him and overpowered his crew. They're stronger than we give them credit. I wouldn't recommend confrontation with them."

"What is it you Orions say?" Kor growled. "No one ever leaves your business. Even those that try to fake their own death. Imagine the reward I'll get when I drag your broken body back to your kind and remind them the penalty for crossing the Klingons."

"I'm not faking my death at all." Kibyr growled at the man. "It's better to keep your enemies close, am I right?"

Cooper then chimed in with, "Look you guys have us prisoner... We have established that you will get no information from me no mater how much you jab me with an agonizer.. and my friend here... is obviously somebody you want to make an example of. But what if a third option is presented? You could be the klingon who did something amazing?"

~Think fast Chris.~

"I know for a fact the Empire is focusing its attention elsewhere. So why not reach out to the humans use this as a chance to mend fences so to speak. Maybe this could lead to the humans helping you with your enemy. The foe of my foe is my friend?"

Chris knew he was grabbing at straws here but he had to say something.

Kor turned to the human and scowled. Had the forcefield not been in his way, he would have shoved his d'k tahg into the spineless human's abdomen and torn out his insides for such a foolish suggestion.

But the forcefield didn't matter, nor would Kor even get a chance to respond. Suddenly, the floor lurched under everyone's feet, toppling everyone in the room. If was not bolted down, it went flying.Klaxons began to sound as the room's lighting darkened more than it had before. Kor scrambled back to his feet and left the room, shouting Klingon curses all along the way.


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