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Does It Still Fly?

Posted on 13 Oct 2020 @ 2:19pm by Captain Martin Collins & Commander Roscoe Mayhew & Lieutenant Morgan Ryan

Mission: Fool's Errand
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD 3 || 1500 hours

Kibyr had been true to his word. Under his acting, the Orions hastily evacuated the Lexington and had left the ship in peace. What none of them knew, however, were the full contents of the Orion's cargo holds. Marty personally hoped that the Orions hadn't taken anything of significance and had left everything for the warp drive right where it was.

Marty, in spite of it all, was still not fully convinced that the Orions wouldn't return. The longer they stayed in the asteroid field, the less hope he had of actually being able to keep the ship. Aside from a handful of Mayhew's guards posted at rear-facing viewports to maintain visual scanning for new arrivals, most of the crew was now in Engineering, awaiting an analysis, and instruction, from Morgan Ryan.

"We got an ETC on the engines?" Mayhew asked no one in particular. "My boys will do their job but they're getting antsy."

"Still waiting on Ryan's assessment," Marty replied to Mayhew. The Captain himself wanted to talk with Scheyev, but as he had the senior officer aboard for the last two decades, there was no one better to guide the young engineer through the damage. "Frankly, if this ship flies out of here, it'll be a miracle. Did your team come back with Sanchez and the other two survivors yet?"

"No, but they're overdue," Mayhew said with a touch of annoyance. Whether it was due to complications or lack of discipline made no real difference to him. Both were equally bad.

Ryan appeared out of one of the side passages, outfit now covered in various types of grease and coolants from who knew what. She had been only been poking around the engine room for a half hour and already she was thanking whatever higher being was out there, the Orions had actually done a decent amount of work in getting the engines running again. It would have taken them a few more days.
maybe a week, to get them running without the right parts, but she could do it in a day.

Morgan walked up to the master console in the middle of the engine room and began taping away, a display appearing above it showing a diagnostic of the engines. "So, Greenies actually did a decent job of fixing most of the minor engine systems. The dilithium matrix still needs to be realigned and some new crystals inserted. After that, we can probably force start it and get her moving at low warp. If we want faster we'll need to strip the power conduits and redo em all, too much build-up of crude from years of idle use to power the ship."

She let out a sigh and turned to the rest of the assembled group, "She'll fly. Give me a day and she'll fly. Not fast, but she will. Anything else will require a rebuild. She's been sitting for too long not being properly maintained and I'm not a miracle worker."

Marty found himself impressed with that assessment. He also found himself partly disappointed, and for that, he had to chide only himself. Only a fool would have expected to walk in and fly the ship outright out of its hiding spot and warp back to M-11. What a fool he had been.

"A day it is then," the Captain confirmed. "Mayhew, I'll need you and your team to check out phasers and shields. I don't care if they'll only give us ten percent of normal, but at least make sure we'll have something. I'll link back up with Harcrow and we'll make sure that helm still works and same with the transceiver. Any questions?"

The order made Mayhew grimace. "I'll see what we can do," he said. While he trusted his officers in a firefight, he was unsure of their technical acumen. Operating and maintaining phaser arrays were a far cry from raising them from the dead. "Shields at least should not be a problem." That is, they either worked or they didn't without much gray area.

"Just make sure everyone stays out of my way and we'll be good." Morgan replied as she stripped off her outer layer and tied the shirt around her waist. "Ill get us mobile in no time." She began taping away at the console trying to figure out what the most pressing need was first.

Another thought occurred to the Captain. "I'm going to have Harcrow reposition the Interceptor. Currently, it's rear is pointed at the cave wall, but it really should be behind us. That way, it's ready to depart if we need any sort of covering fire or defense while we get this girl back up and running. Thoughts on that?" he asked Mayhew.

Mayhew furrowed his brow. "Is there a reason it needs to even be in the cave at all? Might be better to position it away from here, maybe atop another nearby asteroid, and look out for any long distance threats."

After a moment of consideration, Marty nodded his head in agreement. "That works for me. We should maintain radio silence lest those signals bounce off something we don't want them to. Break silence only if they are engaged."

Morgan tuned back into the conversation for a moment as the Captain and the old man talked, "Why not just set up a direct laser communicator? Run a relay to the edge of the hanger. Invisible, impossible to intercept unless you're in the path."

"How hard would it be to set up one or three of those?" Marty asked. "Having more than one area covered is definitely a good idea. And could the security detail set these up without drawing from the engineers?"

"Lasers need direct line of sight," Mayhew said. "Plus interference, dilution, refraction to the signal? There's a reason they were abandoned as comm systems. Still... supposing they found a tactical position directly in front of the cave, it could work."

Marty nodded to Mayhew. "Think your team is up to the task?" The Captain considered that giving his security force something to do would go a long way to helping Ryan finish her job.

"How hard could it be?" Mayhew asked with a shrug.

The Captain smiled. "Compared to finding a needle in a haystack and being able to fly it out of here? I'd say it's a walk in the park."

"Heh. True enough," Mayhew agreed. "Let's get it done."


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