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For Want Of An Engine Room

Posted on 23 Sep 2020 @ 2:18am by Captain Martin Collins & Commander Roscoe Mayhew & Senior Chief Petty Officer Alanna Morrison & Kibyr

Mission: Fool's Errand
Location: Engineering Deck
Timeline: MD 3 || 1415 hours

Marty had taken position at the front of the turbolift, his pistol already out of his holster but lowered by his side. He was taking an awful risk, trusting the Orion in his care. The Captain felt as if he had no choice in the matter, especially since he needed Kibyr to understand that he was going to be trusted, especially if that meant that Marty would have to have his back to the Orion. In the worst case scenario, Marty knew that Alanna would drop the Orion with a blast or two from her phaser. What she did with the body afterward... he didn't even want to imagine.

The turbolift came to a stop and opened its doors. Marty raised his phaser instantly and manuevered himself out of the car and behind a structural brace. His eyes scanned the corridor and found no one. Marty pulled out his communicator and flipped it open. He made sure the volume was low and uttered into it, "Collins to Mayhew. We're in Section Four. Where's your secured area?"

"Copy that. Stand by," Mayhew said and nothing more.

In just a few seconds, one of Mayhew's noncoms appeared. "Follow me." And then he took point in leading them back to the corridor where Mayhew was guarding Morgan and the surviving crew.

Along the way, Marty took note of the ship's condition. This deck featured some of the worst damage he'd seen aboard, from missing hatch covers to burnt relays. What he did note, however, was the lack of bodies. There were clear blood stains from multiple species, including Klingon, but the area had been cleaned up as best as possible. Some areas had been repaired, but only with what appeared to be basic systems only. It was too early to tell to whom that work belonged, whether it be the survivors or the Orions.

The trek to the command point did not take long at all. Marty surveyed the room, spotting both the aforementioned survivors, both of whom wore old and tattered uniforms. Those two, however, were the only ones in the room bearing Starfleet's insignia, as those Marty brought with him were ordered not to wear such iconography.

"Alanna," Marty said, looking at the medic. "Take a look at the survivors. See what you can do for them."

Alanna's first instinct was to go to the worst of the two but by what she saw there really wasn't any way to tell which was worse. She just stopped at the one closest to her, a Denobulan.

"Gimme a sitrep, Mayhew," Marty then requested.

"Two neutralized hostiles," Mayhew said with a nod toward the dead Orions on the ground. "Approximately ten remain, possibly more. Ryan's rigged a trap in this corridor, even used herself as bait, but only these two bit. So far none of the other frogs have come looking for them." Looking back, he pointed out the Denobulan. "That's Scheayuv. The other is Sanchez. They provided intel on the ship, but their weapons are nonfunctional."

That seemed about it, so Mayhew simply stopped talking and waited for further orders.

Marty nodded to Roscoe after he'd taken in the report. He then surveyed everyone in the room, his eyes resting briefly on Ryan. This needed to be her show very soon, especially since the goal was to get the Lexington out of this forsaken field and back to Starfleet-controlled space. The longer they were without Engineering, the less likely that would be able to happen.

The Captain then looked to the Orion he'd brought down with him and realized that he didn't even know the man's name. "I brought a friend with us," Marty said. "He and his brother are the ringleaders of this outfit." Turning to the Orion, Marty asked, "Any ideas on how we can your brother and his friends out of Engineering so we can get this ship fixed?"

“Trust me, your rag tag bunch won’t be able to take on both my brother and his neanderthal friends,” Kibyr said. “Honestly your best bet is to separate him from the group and subdue him. His crew can’t make decisions on their own, they’re too stupid. With him out of the way, I can step in and lead them. They’ll be at my mercy. Our mercy.”

"And how exactly do you propose we do that?" Marty plainly asked. This was an awful risk he was about to undertake, and he needed every assurance this would work.

"Just trust me. And be ready," Kibyr said as he started to walk away from the group down the corridor towards Main Engineering.

As he walked up to the large doors, he took a deep breath, knocking on them.

It took a few minutes but a voice came through the door. "Who is it and what do you want?" came the gruff question.

"It's your brother, asshole," Kibyr said. "We have a problem and the comm system is down on the Bridge."

Another few minutes passed and there was obvious movement on the other side of the door before the massive doors opened, showing Jalan and his company of men, all armed.

Kibyr gave them a strange look. "Did you think I was lying?" he asked, motioning towards the disruptors pointed at him.

"We weren't sure if this was a Human trick," Jalan said, glancing around the corridor quickly. "Why aren't you on the Bridge?"

"I got your message that there is a Human on board," Kibyr responded. "I don't think they're alone. Right after you sent me that message, the Bridge lost power. I came down to talk to you, but then I found something interesting. I really think you should take a look."

Jalan nodded. "Show me, quickly. I want to finish taking apart the warp drive so we can steal the components," he said as he and his group started to follow Kibyr.

"Maybe they should stay and keep working then?" Kibyr asked. "It's only going to take a few moments, but if there are Humans, we don't want to be behind."

The hulking Orion thought about that for a moment, considering his brother's words. He never wanted to admit his brother was smarter than he is, but sometimes it was just obvious. "A good idea." The man turned to his crew, "Get back to work, you filthy maggots. I want to be off this pile of junk by the end of the day," he said before turning back to his brother. "Let's go."

The doors to Engineering closed as Kibyr and his brother, Jalan, walked down the opposite corridor, headed for deflector control.

Mayhew watched the two Orions on approach. As best he could tell, the larger one Jalan was not on alert. Perhaps the little one was true to his word. Still, he would not take chances. He waited until they passed by, then stepped out behind them.

"tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'?" he said in his most guttural voice. Do you speak Klingon?

Jalan paused mid-stride and made to turn around in confusion, and that hesitation was all Mayhew needed for a clear, impossible-to-miss shot. Firing both of his phaser pistols at once -- not set to kill lest a stray shot kill their new ward Kibyr -- Mayhew did not let up until Jalan was off his feet and on the ground.

"I ain't Klingon," Mayhew said as he walked up to Jalan as he writhed on his back from the prolonged phasering. The grisly old Security officer scowled down at the giant Orion for just a moment. "And this ain't your ship."

The last thing Jalan saw was the heel of Mayhew's jackboot crashing into his face.

Back with the rest of the group Alanna now had her medkit opened and was going about looking over Sanchez and the Denobulan. She just pressed a tricorder to the neck of the Denobulan hoping it worked like she thought it would. As a medic, she had a great list of treatments she could give but she thought that her training lacked some of the various effects it could have on different species.

"Captain, these guys need a real sickbay..." Alanna called out.

Marty didn't reply immediately, but the Denobulan lieutenant beat him to the punch. "I'm afraid our sickbay here won't be much use. Our medicines are depleted, and most of the equipment hasn't been online in several years." He smiled to Alanna and added, "I'm Scheayuv, Chief Science Officer."

That got Marty's attention. He did not leave his post, watching the door for Mayhew and company to return. The Captain did, however, turn to face Alanna and the Denobulan scientist. "Captain Marty Collins. Are there any others on the senior staff remaining?"

Scheayuv shook his head. "I'm afraid not, Captain. Most of the senior staff were killed during our fight with the Klingons. The Chief Engineer succumbed to theta radiation poisoning three weeks later, and our doctor died six months after that. Only four of us are left."

"How long have you guys been here?" Alanna asked, as she gave him another hypospray.

"I'm going to take good care of you," she said, putting her hand on the Denobulan's shoulder for a moment as she gave him a warm smile. She moved back to Sanchez and ran a tricorder over her.

"Sanchez?" She didn't like the looks of what she was seeing on her tricorder. She looked into her medkit and wondered how much of the medicine she'd want to use to try and keep her alive. She didn't think it would be enough and she didn't want to waste it when it could be used to save someone else.

What would she say in front of her team? In front of Scheayuv?

"Yes?" said the shorter woman as she approached Alanna. Sanchez, much like Scheayuv, was wire thin and several pounds underweight, to the point of near-starvation. As she walked over, Sanchez couldn't help but wince. She'd been having sharp abdominal pains for a few weeks now, or longer. Time had little meaning to them any more other than it was a painful reminder that death had not claimed them.

"We've been here since 2256," the Denobulan male confirmed behind Alanna. "Time is not something we've kept track of lately."

"We're a long way from 2256," Kibyr said as he and Mayhew dragged the large hulking body of his brother into the room. Pulling him to the side, they pushed him against the dead bodies of the other two Orions.

Alanna ignored Kibyr wishing she'd had a chance to shoot him instead of having to hear his nonsense. She looked over the medical scanner again and looked up at Sanchez's face.

"You're aware of the radiation exposure, is there anything you've been doing for it?" Alanna asked. She could see that her body was in full-on compensation mode and she didn't know how long Sanchez could keep going like she was. She was afraid that the end of her compensation would be sooner than anyone wanted.

Sanchez shook her head. "Our supply of arithrazine ran out about six months ago."

"And the arithrazine we've all been taking expired about five years prior to that," the Denobulan scientist added.

"Okay," she said, solemnly. Her decision had been made she didn't think she could support Sanchez well enough with what she had and if she wasted what she could try on her then she definitely wouldn't have enough to keep the Denobulan going. It was a tough choice but she knew it was the right one in this triage situation.

"Is... everything all right, Miss?" Scheayuv asked the young human. He already suspected the worst, especially since those that had survived had already lost hope of being rescued.

Alanna turned her attention from Sanchez back to Scheayuv, "considering everything the two of you have been through, yes."

Marty turned to watch the two come back in with the largest Orion he'd ever seen. He had no choice but to assume that that was Kibyr's brother. "That's half the battle," he calmly remarked. "What about the herd of sheep left in Engineering? Depending on how long it'll take Ryan and our engineering detail to survey and repair the warp drive, we'll need to keep them quiet for the next few days."

Kibyr nodded, "Well, that might be easier than we think. With my brother out of commission, I'm automatically in charge. His crew hated that he made me next-in-line when I joined his crew last year, but it's working in my favor, it seems. I can just tell them we need to leave and get them back on the freighter."

"And what's to keep them from telling others that the Lexington is still here?" Marty pressed. "Or from taking off when we're not looking?"

"Look, I can get you this ship," Kibyr said. "And I'm doing it at great personal loss to myself. But it's your job to keep it."

The Orion walked closer to Marty. "Do you think my brother's crew is the only challenge you're going to have out there? Do you know how many other Orion raider groups would kill for a find like this? And don't get me started on the Klingons and Romulans."

As he got close enough, Kibyr pointed a finger at Marty's chest. "You want this ship, I've delivered it. You want to keep it?" He shook his head, "That's on you, Mister Captain. Might want to prioritize the weapons systems."

"Yeah, no shit, greenbean," Mayhew said. "If you're done stating the obvious, then pack up your army of frogs and get them the hell out of here already."

“Ask an obviously stupid question, you get an obviously stupid answer,” Kibyr said to Mayhew.

"You want to talk about challenges?" Marty fired back at the Orion, ignoring Roscoe's comment for now. "I fought in the Klingon War. I lost my homeworld. My entire family was trapped on Earth. The only reason why I haven't left Starfleet and followed a colony ship for distant worlds is that I want to walk on Earth soil one more time. Avoiding raider groups isn't my concern, at least not after we get this ship out of here."

Marty turned his back on Kibyr, looking at Mayhew, and then surveyed the team there. His eyes landed on Scheayuv and Sanchez. The Captain had always thought he'd lost much in the last twenty-three years. These survivors had lost far more than he.

He turned around, looking at both Kibyr and Roscoe. "Clear that engine room." He then looked over to Ryan. "Miss Ryan, we'll have to work quickly."

"Let's go, bamboo shoot." Mayhew headed toward Engineering without waiting for a reply from Kibyr or even to see if the Orion was following him.

Kibyr rolled his eyes as he followed Meyhew down the corridor. "Look, I have a plan," he said, pulling the man to a stop by his shoulder. "And honestly, you're probably the best person for the job."

Flinging Kibyr's hand away from his shoulder, Mayhew let out a skeptical sigh. "I've had about enough of harebrained plans for one day..." He began to groan. "All right, so what's yours gonna' be?"

"I'm not exactly thrilled to be doing it either," Kibyr said, crossing his arms. "But the fact is, I'm the only one who can get these neanderthals off this ship." Kibyr looked at him for a moment. "I'm going to run into Engineering, telling the crew that there's a large Starfleet force on board going deck-by-deck and that they've already killed Jalan. I'll tell them that it's best we take what we already have on the freighter and get out of here before you get the weapons systems online. As we get to the airlock, you're going to pop out and shoot me in the leg. I'll tell the crew to go without me and get far away as I pretend to die."

Kibyr smirked, "While it probably wouldn't fool an average being, the collective intelligence of my brother's crew is low enough that they'll buy this obvious rouse easily. I just ask that you please be gentle with your phaser."

"Okay." Mayhew clicked his tongue in thought. "But to make it convincing..." He pulled his phaser and shot Kibyr in the leg below the knee. "Getting shot before and after will really sell it. Go on, now," Mayhew said, waving him off. "Shake a leg."

"Gah! Fuck!" Kibyr exclaimed, falling to the ground with the surprise attack. "I swear, all you humans are fucking monsters! First the little one wants to eat me, now you just shooting me."

"It was your plan, genius," Mayhew said. "Now get your ass in gear before I phaser your other leg."

Kibyr struggled to stand, grabbing Mayhew's arm to help him up. He was thankful that the phaser was clearly on a stun setting, though that meant he would be walking with a limp for a while. "Alright, asshole, let's go," he said, hobbling forward.


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